Thursday, February 9, 2017

Girl Chat {2.9.17}

Good morning and happy first day of our Girl Chat link up! I'm so excited for this series and hope to see lots of new faces I can follow along with.

This months topic:

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

If you don't already know it, I'm a total cheese ball (I blame my kids) I love the cheesiness that comes with these kinds of holidays. While we don't go all out for Valentine's Day or anything we definitely celebrate it! Every year I always get the kids a few small things and set it out for them to find when they wake up and come downstairs.

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This year I got each child a new tsum tsum (they are obsessed), some chocolate, and some fun band-aids. Brayden got this adorable lego set and Ella is getting this one. I plan on making them little valentine cards too. I still need to get Avery something else, maybe a new book, can't ever have too many of those!

I also get to be the volunteer at both Brayden & Ella's Valentine's Day parties which I am so excited about! It will be a filled day of fun with both my kiddos.

Usually Rick and I try to go out and celebrate the weekend before/after but due to lack of babysitters, we are going out to dinner on Valentine's Day night. Part of me feels bad about leaving the kids (I know, I'm weird like that) but the other part is super excited for a date night (it's been too long) We usually do not do gifts, just exchange cards and I usually get some of my favorite chocolates & flowers but this year I'm going surprise Rick with something, I'll share later just in case he's reading :)

In the past years we have made homemade heart pizzas with the kids and that is always a great time. We may have to do that over the weekend with them to make up for not having dinner with them on the actual holiday.

I also hope we can do some sort of fun craft or activity over the weekend - last year I set up Valentine's treasure rocks for the kids and they loved it! I might just have to bust that out for them again.

That's about it, we are pretty simple people :)

I can't wait to read about everyone else's plans! Just typing this all out is getting me so excited for this fun holiday!

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  1. Yay for date night!!! I am curious to hear about this gift you are giving Rick. :)

  2. We have made ZERO plans, Eeeekkk! I think this whole, crazy week has really thrown me for a loop. I might try to do a fancy dinner at home. Set the table, light some candles, serve it in courses. We'll see. I'll try and link up with y'all on.... Tuesday!

  3. Apparently I am out of the mom loop because I had to google what a tsum tsum was. Ha! Thanks for hosting the link up. I'm excited to participate!

  4. We dont have any plans since V-day is on a Tuesday, and we'll be away this weekend. I love the quality time together though :)

  5. The kids have definitely made me more cheesy around holidays, but it's all good fun. Yay for date night! They are going to love their lego sets! Beautifully Candid

  6. I love celebrating holidays with my littles. I never used to be into the holidays as much, but now I love doing things for them. Love the gifts you are giving to your kids. I need to grab a few things this weekend. Nothing like last minute. Ha. Yay for a date night. That sounds awesome!

  7. I have noticed in this link up the mommas have gotten all cheesy with Valentine's since kids! haha Love it! Kids make holidays way more fun!
    Happy Thursday!

    1. Hahaha yes, I think they go hand in hand, kids = cheesiness :)

  8. We both got band-aids!! Hehe. These make such a cute gift! Olivia is obsessed with them so I think she would have been happy with a truckload of band-aids and nothing else for Christmas. Ha!

  9. My husband is traveling for work next week so my Valentine plans include hanging out with my 4 year old and watching Finding Dory! #partyanimals