Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites {2.10.17}

I really can't believe it's Friday! This week flew right by! I'm not complaining though, we have a pretty fun filled weekend ahead, so bring it :)

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Let's get right to my favorites of the week:


We had our first monthly link up of Girl Chat yesterday and it was so fun! I love that this is exposing me to some bloggers that I never knew were out there.  If you missed my post, you can find it here


Earlier this week I shared some of our favorite games - all of these are great for families with small kiddos. And if there are any games we're missing out on, please share!!



My other favorite of the week was the post I wrote about keeping my marriage strong. I really enjoyed writing that and loved hearing everyone else's advice



I found out this week was I was the lucky winner of a Jord giveaway that the fabulous Sarah was hosting. That was such a fun surprise for me and I can't wait to pick out a new watch :)

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I got the chance to blog for the company Bentgo, if you have a moment go check it out here :) I love their lunchboxes so much and Brayden does too. Everyday he asks me to make his lunch in that one vs. his other one.

Enjoy the weekend! I know we will - tonight there is a movie night at Brayden's school, tomorrow is Ella's first Daddy/Daughter dance and Sunday is my sister in laws Sprinkle! A weekend full of fun for sure.

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  1. Yay for winning the Jord giveaway AND for the Bento post. That's so awesome!!

  2. What adorable Bento boxes! So great you won the watch. Have a sweet and loving weekend beautiful lady!!

  3. Yay! Congrats on winning a Jord watch and oh my gosh - I'm loving that Bentgo box! Have a fun weekend, girl!

  4. Woo hoo for being the Jord winner! It's always more fun when someone you "know" wins! And love that Bentgo blog post you did! Such cute ideas and totally something I want to do when my kids are in school! Also, my kids need those lunch boxes! Happy weekend!

  5. That lunch box is so adorable! I will definitely check it out!
    Congrats on the JORD watch giveaway win. You are going to love yours!

    1. Thank you!! I got my watch the other day and love it! I just need to get some links taken out :)

  6. Awe a daddy/daughter dance. So cute. I love that lunchbox. Looks awesome. Have a great weekend!

  7. Happy Friday, girl! I loved our linkup and I'm already looking forward to next month. Congratulations on winning the watch! I'm currently working with Jord and can't wait until mine arrives. I have to check out that lunchbox! Of course I'm yet again behind on blog reading and totally missed that one. Hope you guys have the best weekend!
    Beautifully Candid

  8. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned! What a cute lunchbox. Love it. :)
    I really like all the various link ups in the blog world - I find so many new blogs!


  9. Bentgo boxes are the BOMB!!! Lol one of the teachers I work with has one and I am so envious!

  10. Raccoon Rumpus is a favorite game of ours. Rush Hour Jr is a new favorite too. Have a great weekend!

  11. Yay for winning a new watch - so fun!!! I have the linkup jotted down for next month, I love meeting new blog friends!!!! Those lunch boxes look so fun and functional too!

  12. That lunchbox with all of those hearts os adorable. I hope yall had an amazing weekend!

  13. That lunchbox with all of those hearts os adorable. I hope yall had an amazing weekend!

  14. I have my own Bento box that has saved me so many time from having to go through the drive thru. I actually won it via a blog giveaway. I don't think it was meant for a grown women but oh well.

  15. Girl, you are going to LOVE your JORD watch! I love mine so much!! It is gorgeous in person!