Monday, July 20, 2015

Brayden's 5th Birthday Carnival Party

The carnival party is over and man did it turn out awesome!!

The days leading up to the party I was literally checking the weather about 20-30 times a day. One day it said t-storms, the next it would be nice, back and forth and up until the morning of the party the weather channels all said it would be a gorgeous day, phew I was so relieved! Then about halfway through the party I saw that rain was on its way (yes, I was still checking the weather during the party LOL) and wouldn't you know, it DID rain but thankfully it was just a light annoying drizzle and the real rain didn't start until the party was over.

Anyhoo. I've had the idea of throwing Brayden a carnival birthday probably since he was 2, no joke. I figured it would probably be the last birthday party theme I was able to pick and I just loved the idea of a real carnival party.

I'm so glad I started the preparations for this party months ago because it was BIG (it had to be, I had been building this up in my head for 3 years now!) I did a ton of DIY stuff (with the help of my hubby too) and of course family is amazing for helping out the way they do too. 

Our backyard is ridiculously big and was the perfect setting for a carnival I'll stop rambling now and get to the good stuff, the pictures, and I'll warn you, there are ALOT

I made this banner using my silhouette and loved the way it turned out! Too bad 5 minutes later it kind of fell apart here so we had to move to another location

Our yard is so big to really make the carnival "pop" I knew I wanted to line the fence with something. I had to get 500 ft of whatever I wanted so I knew I couldn't spend too much because that is alot of feet to cover! I chose this cute colorful plastic banner and it worked so well!

Like I said, our yard is so big that while we were setting up and going to the back or yard then to the house and back, I swear I felt like I ran a marathon afterwards...

We set up all of the games alone the back of our fence...we wanted to utilize our whole yard and thought that was a good way to do so

Close ups --- Face painting tent

For can knock down I just used empty food cans and wrapped them in striped color scrapbook paper - this game was a hit!

Ring toss was all the hubby...and a few other family members who had to consume a good amount of beer so we could use over 80 bottles for the game. The hubby also made the box for the bottles to go in. For the rings, I just bought a 6 pack of cheap bangles from Forever 21

Ping Pong ball toss was ordered from here 

Bean bag toss was empty paint cans and bean bags..pretty easy

I figured we needed something easy for the smaller kiddos...pick a duck was perfect (until later in the party when all of the older boys starting throwing them at eachother....either way, they were played with LOL)

Here's the front of our house...another banner made using my silhouette and a sign pointing to our fence where you entered the party..

And the cake, OMG the cake! My Aunt made this! How awesome, right!?? I added the banner for a little extra and also made the cake stand by covering it with green felt and super gluing tickets around it.

Goody bags were plastic popcorn boxes from the dollar store filled with colorful lollipops, goldfish, bubbles, a whistle, a pencil and some sort of fun little toy that I got from an assortment bag at Oriental Trading. Most of the other stuff was found at Micheals.

Now on to some pics of the party

My big 5 year old!!

I was so thankful my family helped out with the games!

My sister in law and hubby did the face painting and they were awesome!

My in laws :)

Terrible picture of my awesome popcorn maker I got off Craigslist for a steal! So happy we have this now for movie nights

I love this little boy so incredibly much!

Cake Time!

At some point he lost his 'V' on his shirt so he was just FIE :)

We had a magician come...get this, his name was Magic Mike - ha! Poor guy! He's been around way longer than the movie and he says all he hears now are references to the movie.

Thankfully his show was rated PG and he was AWESOME!!! The adults and children loved watching him.

"Mom, I'm not sure about holding this snake thing..."

"OK, it's pretty cool!!"

Finally sitting down to eat...a lollipop and a soft pretzel. Hey, he was the birthday boy after all!

That pretty much wraps it up! His party was a whirlwind and I barely remember it. That's the only downfall to having it at your house and being so busy with everything. But, I wouldn't change it for the world because Brayden had the best time with all of his friends!! He is one special boy, that's for sure.

1 party down, 2 more to go...ahhh the benefit of having my children born in July, August & September. LOL.

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