Thursday, July 2, 2015

July goals

Well June sure did come and go quickly! Let's see how I did with those goals first....

1Finish planning little mans 5th birthday party - Completed, partially. This goal is definitely spilling over into July, but his birthday is less than 2 weeks ago so it's definitely going to be finished

2. Mark off some items off our summer bucket list - Done! We visited the pool, a local amusement park, ate too much ice cream and more!

3Read a book - I did have the best intentions to read 10 days to a Less Defiant Child (we're having some issues with a certain soon to be 5 year old) and while I didn't finish the whole book, I did read a good amount and really all I could take from it was for the parents to not yell. I related to so many things in the book (my behavior, my kids, my hubbys) but the book didn't really give good advice on what to do, it more just went over certain situations and I would be all like, Yes! This has happened to us! But there was no real answer on what to do... Parenting is tough and I think with each age there are different behaviors to overcome and I'm happy to say that the past couple of weeks have been really good around here.  I made a promise to really not yell unless it is necessary and have been sticking to it and my almost 5 year old has been behaving a lot better. Of course everyday is not perfect but hopefully we're getting somewhere!

4. Find a new bedroom dresser & nightstands - Failed. To be honest I barely had time to look. So this is ongoing...

Now onto July's Goals

1. Eat better - I think we already eat pretty good overall but I know we can be healthier. I want to incorporate more veggies into my kids diet and this is not going to be an easy task, but I'm up for the challenge!

2. Celebrate the 2 men in my life - This month my husband my son have birthdays. My son is turning 5 so that is pretty big in my book and I hope I can hold it together on his birthday because I'm really having a hard time believing it's been 5 years since I had him. And my hubby, well, he's a pretty great guy so he deserves some celebrating too!

3. Clean out the kids closets - my kids closets are so messy. There are so many old clothes that don't fit just thrown in there and I've been super lazy about taking the time to organize them. Hopefully this month I get to it. 

4. Do lots of swimming - My kids love swimming and while it's not the easiest task to take them all by myself, I want to do more of it this month. Of course, that is all weather permitting since pretty much all of June all it did was rain here (seriously, we broke the record) so I'm hoping July brings lots of warm days for us to go swimming!

5. Make and send out Miss A's birthday invites - You guys, my baby is turning 1 in less than a month! How did that happen!? I am making her invites because I want to and love doing things like that. They will take some work so hopefully right after my boys carnival party I can knock them out.

What are some of your goals? I like to keep mine super simple in the summer because we are barely home which leaves little time for anything other than cleaning and cooking :)

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