Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July recap

We had such a nice 3 day weekend I need to post about it before I forget.

Friday the hubs went golfing with his buddies and me and the kiddos hung out at home.  After we picked up Brayden from his last day of camp we got our suits on and headed in our backyard.  Earlier that day I filled up 50+ water balloons so those were ready to go.

Little sister grabbed a water squirter and it was on :)

This boy was armed and ready to get me!

Gah! She is so cute!!

Friday night we headed to see fireworks with some friends.  The kids overall did great but Ella got scared when the fireworks started.  She nestled in her Daddys arms and all was OK then.

Miss A loved the fireworks on the other hand!!

Saturday was time to celebrate America's birthday! But not without a little photo session first :)

She's thrilled, can you tell :)

Later in the day,  we headed over to my aunts house and went right into their pool.  The kids had a great time swimming!

My mom is always prepared and brought the kids bubbles and wands to play with


 This boy was trying so hard not to turn around and look at me, stinker!

Love this boy!!

After my aunts house, we headed to my in laws.  Here are the older cousins all sitting together watching smoke bombs :)

Sunday was another gorgeous day so we headed back over to my in laws and we swam for a little then the kids hung out doing play doh.

I love nice relaxing weekends mixed with tons of family time, they are the best!

I hope you all had a great weekend too! Now I'm off to go check the weather for Saturday for the hundredth time. My boy's 5th birthday party is that day and the entire party is outside so we need no rain! Of course it says rain but I'm hoping that by checking it multiple times a day every day that will somehow change :)

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