Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly Recap {12.19.16}

What an amazing, amazing week we had! Even though time seems to be flying by we are enjoying all the things and having a great December. 

Last week we played outside in the snow after school. This kid would spend all day out there if I let him, and if it wasn't so cold I may just have :) 


 I made my yummy chicken pot pie for dinner one night and of course the kids didn't love it but me and Rick did. I swear, I could eat chicken pot pie every night.

We drove around and looked at lights on Wednesday night. We gave the kids hot chocolate, marshmallows and Brayden snuck a candy cane - We go to the same neighborhood and while all the houses are gorgeous there is one that is covered in decorations and is soooo pretty to look at

I took Brayden out of school an hour early so we could head to the mall to see Santa.  Before you go sit on his lap and talk to him, you go through this ice palace where there is falling snow (whyyyy I have no idea, because the kids hair looks obnoxious by the time we see Santa). Avery was loving it! She would pick it up and throw it at me and my Mom or her siblings, then she proceeded to lay down and make snow angels, which of course big sister had to follow. They sure did have everyone cracking up!

Thursday I got to volunteer at Ella's school. They had a play day and all these fun activities were brought in. Halfway through we made cookies for tomorrows holiday party. I love spending time at school with my kids!

Thursday night I took Brayden with to go see my nephews Christmas performance. These kids were all sooooo cute and hilarious at the same time. I love how much my nephew loves Brayden and I just wish Brayden could smile the right way sometimes!

Friday Ella had her last soccer class.  I got to play with her and we had so much fun! I was thankful Avery was happy sitting and watching a show on my  phone for the most part and then she joined us on the field :)

Friday night, the kids had pizza and then we made our gingerbread house.  Why are those things sooooo stressful with kids? Ha! I think next year each kid gets their own. And I'm pretty sure Avery ate 50% of the candy it came with. Seriously, every time we looked at her, she popped more candy in her mouth. It's hard to get mad at that cutie!



Later in the night we had to make our cheese fillings for our cookie/pierogi day the next day. Avery was my cute little helper!

The girls had a touch of croup, so before bed we had to take the girls outside all bundled up to breathe the cold air - this is our life this time of year!

Saturday morning we took the kids sledding and I was so excited since last winter I didn't get to go once and they only went with Rick one time.  Aside from some tears because snow was in their face or they fell off the sled, it was a really fun time and by the end no one wanted to leave.



Later in the day we headed to my sister in law and brother in laws house for cookie/pierogi day. The girls/kids make cookies and the guys make pierogis. We all had a great time and came home with some serious goodies!

We got home and put the kids right to bed and I managed to get a second wind and finish wrapping all the presents #momwin.  I also finished the second season of Fuller House and yes, I know it's a cheesy show but I really enjoyed this season, even more than the first. 

Sunday was Christmas with my hubby's side and I managed to take 0 pics. The kids all got so much awesome stuff and we ate way too much food and had a great time.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I have never seen a mall that has fake snow falling! I don't know whether I love that or not! Maybe because I get enough of the snow when it actually falls outside - haha!

  2. Looks like a great week! I love Fuller House too! Halfway through the new season.

  3. That is a great idea with the fake snow - so fun for the kids I'm sure!! I love how serious they are about helping with the cookies! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. So much fun going on here!!! First off it looks like you guys had a blast in the snow! I'm so glad it worked out and you were able to volunteer at Ella's school. That whole Santa set up looks amazing! Your chicken pot pie looks amazing! I've never attempted to make my own pierogis but always wanted to try. You'll have to give me some pointers. Happy Monday, girl! Beautifully Candid

  5. What a week! You guys squeezed in SO MUCH Christmas goodness!! I love it! And the fact that you have snow this time of year is just the icing on the cake. It really doesn't get much more festive than that. It was 74 degrees here on Saturday... so lame. Haha.

  6. Good for you for playing in the snow.. I send my husband out to do that with Connor. I just can't bring myself to enjoy being wet and cold.

  7. Wow, you were definitely busy! It looks like it was a lot of fun though. The snow idea before seeing Santa seems fun, but maybe AFTER the photos? haha

    Love the gingerbread house!


  8. Chicken pot pie sounds delicious. So jealous y'all are able to go sledding. No snow yet here in Georgia! Love the gingerbread houses. We did ours a week ago.

  9. So fun to see people celebrating Christmas already! I would eat Chicken Pot Pie with you friend. My hubby doesn't like it so I rarely ever make it, UGH!

  10. Yay for a fun week! Pierogies...oh pierogies. I love those things so much. Remind me, do you have your recipe on your blog/was it linked? Maybe I missed it. They sound soooo good right now. Also, yay for your sledding! Hopefully it warms up a tad so that we can get back out there. Stay warm, girl!

  11. So much fun going on in this post. I LOVE that photo of the kids with Santa. Avery is priceless in it. I love the idea of the snow but yes it does mess up their hair, clothes and keeping them cute for Santa. I LOVE perogi's. I haven't had them in so long and now I am craving them. LOVE that you made the chicken pot pie. I still need too. Have a great week!!!