Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekly Recap {12.5.16}

I can't believe it's already Monday, the weekend went way, way too fast. But before I get to all that fun, here's a look at our week

We had a couple nice days - high 30's and sunny which meant we could go on walks and stop at the park. 

Brayden sings in the choir at church and they put on a little performance before his religious class last week. He was a little nervous to sing in front of everyone, but he did great and I was so proud!

December 1st came which meant the kids opened their advent calendars :)

Brayden made out his Christmas list and I think he'll be happy when most of this is under the tree Christmas morning

Friday night we went by my sisters for her towns tree lighting. I don't have any pics but it was so pretty. Her town is very charming and their tree made our towns tree look like Charlie Browns.

Saturday we had carpet put in the basement so that took most of the day. The kids were enjoying making snow angels on the carpet and playing with the big boxes our Ikea couch came in (sidenote - putting together an Ikea couch is miserable!)


Later that night we did tons of painting. We made a bunch of window clings and some ornaments. It was so fun to sit and hang out as a family. We also had Christmas music playing which put everyone in a great mood!

 I thought it was going to snow in the middle of the night from Saturday to Sunday and Ella was so excited. Before bed I told her when she woke up to look out her window and she would see snow...well at 5:45am I hear her in her room opening her window then being so upset there wasn't snow. She came running into our room saying "Mom! There is no snow, you lied!" That girl is a firecracker I tell ya

So when it started snowing a few hours later she was jumping up with excitement. She ran outside first to catch snowflakes on her tongue then later on we all headed out to play in it.  My nieces came by for a bit too and the kids were all having a blast.

Later in the day we headed to the zoo lights with my Mom. We had the best time and the snow falling the entire time made for a magical feel.


We got home around 6 and made some homemade pizza and watched some tv; we were all exhausted. Brayden and Avery went to bed no problem but Ella seems wired because as I'm typing this I hear her making way too much noise up in her room. So typical of that silly girl!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Yay for snow! You guys got a lot more than us! I'm over here freaking out because Henry has completely grown out of his snowpants and I'm certain he'll have outdoor recess today! #momfail Ahh! I better purchase some snow gear ASAP!

    I'm loving all the window clings and Brayden's Christmas list...and how cool that he sang in front of everyone at church! Oh and ummm...I seriously can't wait to see your basement and new IKEA couch!

    Happy Monday, girl! I hope you have a great week!

  2. The first few times it snows is always so much fun - although right now it's slowing and it's not quite as pretty!! I've never done anything like the zoo lights - but it looks like so much fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh man it looks like y'all had a great weekend (besides the IKEA couch :P). I also laughed when you said that nice days were in the 30's man that still seems so cold to me. I'm only 8 hours away or so, but obviously a whimp. Your zoo lights make me wish we lived closer to a good zoo too. Hope you have a great Monday!

  4. High 30's is considered a nice day?! Bahahahaha. High 30's here means that we have a fire in the fire place, and we don't set foot outside. Lol.

    And OMG how sweet that Brayden is in the church choir. That just made my heart melt!

  5. Zoolights is so fun! Yay for the first snow of the season! :)

  6. Wow it is cold there. I am having a hard time with the 40s here. I can't believe she said mom you lied. What a firecracker for sure. But look at all the beautiful snow that you guys did get. I am a bit jealous. Love all the light photos!

  7. Seriously, the perfect weekend!! Snow with zoo lights sound positively magical!

  8. The snow falling during your zoo visit does sound so magical!!! Those huge deer look awesome. The kids making snow angels on the new carpet is too cute. I love all of the crafts you do with the kids. Their window clings came out so cute! Beautifully Candid