Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Home Tour {2016}

Happy Tuesday Friends! Today is a fun day over here as I'm showing off our Christmas decorations. I can't wait to see everyone else's too!

Come on in!

When you walk in you see our shoe cabinet in our entryway. I put up a little sign and of course one of my favorite pieces of art made by the kids last year.

A closer look :)

Immediately to your right is our living room turned play room. It's not very decorated but it does have a little tree and a cute sign & wreath.  


Some cute handmade ornaments that I love looking at 


The kitchen also doesn't have a ton of decorations - I would like to change that (I say that every year, maybe one of these years I'll get around to it)

I did put up velvet bows on some of our upper cabinets and I love them

Of course one of my favorite holiday plates is up on the wall too

Here's the view from our kitchen down to our family room - my favorite room of them all

Everytime I look down at our mantel I get happy

I took a page out of Lindsay's book (no pun intended) and put a basket of holiday books on our fireplace. The kids love grabbing one and having us read to them at any given time.

My mom made all of our stockings (except the red one for our pup) and I love them so much

I took some fun bokeh pictures of the kids/dog and the tree, I love a good bokeh tree :)

On the other side of our family room we have a bookcase that I always decorate with snowmen and some pictures


I love this sweet pic of Brayden taken around his first Christmas

I bought this cute snowman decoration when it was just the 4 of us but I still love it - I need to draw on another little snowgirl for Avery :)

And all of our windows look obnoxious like this and I kinda love it :)

Here's a shot at night - Brayden said our house looks lame and told the hubby that we need to do better next year, LOL! While I don't think it looks lame, I do agree we need to up our game next year!

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  1. So fun! Your basement is looking amazing friend. That new carpet looks so cozy. Love all the little touches. I put ribbons on my upper cabinets to make them look like presents but I really should add bows too :). Thanks for linking up with us. It looks so pretty.

  2. Your family room looks so cozy - I can totally see how that is your favorite room!

  3. Looks so good!! I am so nosey when it comes to these posts and love seeing how everyone decorates their homes =)

  4. You have such a pretty home. I love the open space; we have a lot of walls in our home. But that's because it's nearly 100 years old.

  5. I love the bows on your cabinets!! I may have to do that next year! I also love love LOVE your chalkboard! You know I love me some chalkboard art!

    Everything is beautiful, Lizzie! Thank you for linking up with us today!

  6. LOVE the handprint/footprint canvas. I need to make that this year! Love your mantle, too. Also LOVE your backyard! How big is it?

  7. Your family room looks so cozy!! I love the stack stone fireplace and mantel. Haha your dog in front of the tree! I love the foot and hand print canvas too. Those stockings your mom made are just the sweetest! I'm right there with you, a bokeh tree is a great looking tree :) Beautifully Candid

  8. It's all so perfect! The bows on the kitchen cabinets is a great idea! I need to do that in the future.
    I'm SO impressed with your moms stockings!! Those are AMAZING.
    And handmade ornaments are my very favorite.

  9. Everything looks so beautiful. I love your mantel and all of your stockings. The stockings are just perfect. I am very impressed with them. And thank you for the peak at your basement!!!

  10. I absolutely loooove all of your decor! From those beautiful stockings to all the kids' decor. Everything is so very sweet and meaningful. Love it! And those bows on your cabinets?! Genius! What a beautiful home. Happy Holidays, girl!!