Thursday, December 1, 2016

Confessions {12.1.16}

Happy first day of December!

I think it's time for some confessions around here

Sparkles and Lattes

I confess.....

  • I've been eating waaaaaaay too much crap since Thanksgiving and I don't see it stopping anytime in the near future #ilovefood
  • I just ordered Brayden another Christmas gift even though I said I was done with him (and the others) - but I just couldn't help myself!
  • The thought of wrapping all the presents that are stuffed inside our closet is daunting
  • I finally finished all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and I would have been sad the way it ended if I didn't know the new stuff was out
  • Which by the way, I've only watched the first episode and whoa is it weird jumping right in after the old stuff and seeing how much the characters have aged. Probably wouldn't have been so shocking if I didn't just finish the old episodes.

That's all for today, nice and quick - see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites


  1. This time of year is always when I eat the most! But, really how can you not?! I've done that too with my boys after I've said I'm done with gifts. Enjoy your day! Beautifully Candid

  2. Just enjoy the food and then try to be good in the new year. You have to live a little and the holidays is the best time to indulge.

  3. That is how I felt about GG too. I finished it about 3 weeks ago and then started on the new ones and it felt weird seeing how much they aged in a short amount of time. It was also funny to see so many people from Parenthood in the GG revival. I always eat way too much at this time of year. And that means I am guilted into the gym daily at work because I don't want to pack on 10 pounds over the holidays. I don't want to wrap the presents either. So much work!

  4. I watched my first episode of The GG this week... yeah, I have LONG way to go. I'm eating LOADS of junk too. OOooppps!

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