Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Our Christmas Traditions

I am all about traditions - just ask my husband. He likes to joke that not everything needs to be a tradition #thinkagainbuddy #yesitdoes

Today I'm sharing our Christmastime traditions. I'm getting so excited for everything that's coming up!

{ONE}- Christmas Tree Chop Down

Chopping down a Christmas Tree.  This was the one tradition I couldn't wait to start once I had my own family. Growing up we mainly had a fake tree and a few times a real tree, but the real tree was from a lot and I always wanted to go experience chopping one down.  Rick wasn't on board with this at first but I'm so happy that changed.  We started this tradition 3 years ago and this year will be our 4th tree chop down. We always go either the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving.

{TWO} - Decorating the house

We always decorate the weekend we get our tree. Usually I have brand new Christmas jammies for the kids and make them put them on while we decorate :) After decorating we watch a Christmas movie with a yummy snack.

{THREE} - Elf on the Shelf

I'm so happy I started this little tradition a few years ago because the kids freaking LOVE it. I'm not sure how many more years this will work for Brayden but hopefully I get a couple more, and then of course many more for the girls! This little elf really is magical and the kids love when he comes, which is usually the weekend after Thanksgiving.  He usually brings the kids a little gift (an ornament and some chocolate) and always has a letter reminding them why he's here. The kids are so happy he is here now!

{FOUR} - Advent Calendar

It isn't the month of December without a chocolate advent calendar, now is it!? I have vivid memories of having these as kids and always being so excited to open each day, and now I'm seeing that same excitement through my kids' eyes. This year on top of the chocolate calendars, I picked up this adorable tsum tsum advent that I know Brayden and Ella will love!

{FIVE} - Zoo Lights

We have also been doing this for years. We missed one somewhere in there but we're not back on track. Even though last year was a complete disaster with traffice, we are going to attempt it again.

{SIX} - Baking Cookies

Last year we went by my sister in law and brother in laws house for a cookie day. We helped the kids with the decorating and the boys made homemade pierogis, it was so fun and we can't wait to do it again!

{SEVEN} - Drive around and look at Christmas Lights

I don't have any pics of this because we are usually in the car and it's dark - but we started this a couple of years ago. We get into our jammies, either pick up hot chocolate or make some before and head out to look at lights. It's always alot of fun and the kids really enjoy it!

{EIGHT} - Go see Santa at the mall

Even though we see Santa several other times through the holiday season, seeing him at our mall is a must. Brayden always says how he knows that one is the real Santa, so how could we not go see him!

{NINE} - North Pole Breakfast

Every year on Christmas Eve morning, our elf Twinkles puts out a super fun North Pole breakfast. It's his way of saying goodbye and it really gets the kids in the best mood ever! They love this breakfast so much.

{TEN} - Homemade Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas Morning

cinnamon roll recipe

Once a year, on Christmas morning I make these cinnamon rolls.  They are so worth the time they take and we all look forward to them all year long!

We also do tons of Christmas crafting throughout the month but really I'm trying not to pack everyday with something, down time at this time of year is a good thing.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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  1. These are so fun and I love the idea of having a North Pole Breakfast! Our elf, Elmer, has already joined us, but so far he's slacking on his magical hiding skills. I'm determined to change that starting this weekend. I want to live it up as much as I can while the kiddos are this small! Ahhhhhh! I love this time of year! Happy almost December, Lizzie!!!

  2. Outside of the zoo lights (we don't have a zoo) and a real tree we have pretty much the exact same traditions. I LOVE Christmas traditions they fill my heart with joy. Can't wait to see all of the fun you have this year.

  3. So fun! I'm so excited to get our traditions going and create some new ones as well!

  4. This is all so fun! My kids are too old now for the Elf, but I think we will still do a North Pole breakfast. Your donut treats look so cute!

  5. I love all of these so much! Next year we are DEFINITELY doing a north pole breakfast. I really wanted to do one this year, but I couldn't get my act together in time!

  6. I love that your husband wears gloves while hanging the lights on the tree. Such a smart idea and I thought my Dad was the only one with it.

  7. So much fun traditions. I can't wait to do many of the same things with my girls this year. We always bake cookies with my mom and I am hoping the girls will help this year.

  8. Your Christmas cookies look delicious! Both my brother and I are all about Christmas traditions - our family gives us a hard time about it. :)