Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekly Recap {11.7.16}

Happy Monday! I cannot believe we are in the second week of November already, it's just crazy! Even crazier is that our weather has been so amazing and we spent all of last week without wearing jackets! Seriously, this like never happens.

This girl - she is so funny. She loves to paint with watercolor but really she is never painting the paper I give her, she is either painting her face or sucking on the paintbrush.

We spent SO much time outside last week, it was awesome! 


I looked at my pics on my phone the other day and noticed about a million of these...

And a few selfies from a certain 4 year old. I love finding stuff like this!


We had to drop Max off at the vet last week and these girls loved looking around at all the pets in the store. Those gerbils were pretty cute but no thank you.

We spent one night doing the puzzles my Mom gave them for Halloween. They love puzzles so much!

Probably the best part of our week was this... I'm still so excited about it!

We spent time at Ella's school park. She loves this spinny thing so much.


One morning this cutie said he made these little tiny envelopes for his current teacher and last years. I just love how innocent and sweet he is!

We had lots of playtime around the house too! I love when they are having fun and getting along vs the yelling, screaming and crying

Ella started a new soccer class on Friday and girlfriend loved it!! Serioulsy she did so good and I just love how into it she was

Saturday we had dance in the morning then went to look at carpet for our basement. After lunch we drove the hubby to his friends house for the wedding he was standing up in. Me and the kids headed home for naps/play time and I was meeting him at the wedding later.

I had Brayden and Ella go out and play and came out to find them getting along so well. It seems like these times are so few and far between lately so it was so nice to see! They were raking leaves into a pile and they said they wanted it to be as tall as beanstalk :)

Later that night my Mom and the kids dropped me at the wedding reception and it was the best time! It's always so fun to get dressed up and go hang out with friends. Although I was still feeling a little crummy, I managed to fully enjoy myself (which I paid for all day today - Sunday)

Sunday was rough - going to bed super late after quite a few drinks + the time change and 5:45am came way too quick. I was woken to hearing Avery screaming for me so I just grabbed her and put her in my bed with a show on so I could lay down a little longer.

Once I was able to pull myelf together, I took the kids to local park. It was good to get a nice walk in and the bigs rode their scooters. It was so gorgeous out!


Later in the day Brayden had a friends birthday party so Rick dropped him off and I picked him up. It was nice to get a little break since the party was during Avery's nap time. The rest of our day was spent dealing with overtired kds so it was baths/showers and an early bedtime. I'm writing this at 8pm and it seriously feels like midnight..which reminded me of this...

Image result for daylight savings jokes

Ha ha!

I'm off to binge watch more Gilmore Girls. I'm already halfway through season 3 and I forgot so much from when I watched years ago.

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  1. Oh my goodness that meme at the end, I died. YES!!! It is so true. That is the worst part of day light savings. Back when I worked by the time I picked up Marissa and got home it was pitch black and I worked in the middle of a warehouse with no windows inside. I pretty much felt like a vampire who never saw the sun all winter.

    That dress looks amazing on you btw. Hope you have another amazing week.

  2. My niece will steal my phone and take selfies and I love finding the photos!! Love the dress you wore for the wedding - so pretty! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Mason used to do that with the paint also! He would always have more on his body than on the paper. She’s adorable even with the paint on her forehead! Confession – gerbils give me the heebie jeebies! Like for real. I am terrified of them. And any other rat-type creature. You look so pretty in that picture from the wedding reception. Love your dress!

  4. That's great you guys have been enjoying such nice weather! I'm not looking forward to it being dark out by the time we get home, but what can you do. You looked great in your dress for the wedding! Sorry you still weren't feeling well but glad it was fun anyway. Beautifully Candid

  5. Hahahaha, I think I'm the only one who actually likes the end of Daylight Savings time! I like it dark in the evening during this time of year because it's just so stinking cozy! But ONLY until New Years, and then I'm ready for ALL the sunlight again! Fortunately for us, we're right on the western border of our time zone so it stays light really late here. During the winter it's light until about 6 and during the summer it's light until almost 9:15 PM! I just hate it, though, because that also means that the sun doesn't come up until SUPER late here so it's impossible to get up in the morning. Before the time changed this weekend, we were driving to school in the pitch black dark at 7:30 AM. It was horrible.

  6. Yay for re-watching Gilmore Girls. I loved it. I love the photo with paint on the face. Sounds about right with my girls as well. They love painting themselves. Ha. So glad you had fun at the wedding. I just hate it when we pay for it the next day. Makes me feel like I am getting old. I laughed so hard at the comic because that is me. I hate that I go to work in the dark and get off in the dark most days. I can never tell the time. Ha.