Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 + My Favorite Weekend

Thanksgiving was a great one this year. We started our day off with going to see Moana as a family. Let me tell you, that movie is so so good!!

Later in the day we headed over to my Aunt & Uncles. They always have the best food! The apps and wine were flowing and the kids were having fun running a muck around the house. Thanksgiving dinner was so yummy and I was so happy not to be sick this year and actually be able to taste the food!

Friday morning we headed out to chop down our Christmas tree! This was the first year the weather was actually decent and the kids weren't crying saying they couldn't feel their hands and legs LOL

Typical Brayden face!

Usually someone is crying for whatever reason and this year was no different. Avery was crying because Rick walked towards another spot with Brayden to search for a tree, Ella was crying because she couldn't keep up with Brayden and then repeat.

on the hunt!

 It took us a while this year to find "the" tree - the lot seemed to not have very many good trees. We may be going somewhere different next year.

Ella and Brayden helped saw the tree and when it was ready to be pushed over, Brayden caught it.

 Avery was hilarious, she HAD to help carry the tree which meant we had to walk really slow and if she let go of it she would cry until we let her grab back on.

See, she's crying here because she didn't want to take a pic, she wanted to help carry the tree

Inside we had donuts and hot chocolate and saw Santa! (and overpaid for an ok picture)

Avery is not a fan again this year :)

Friday night we went to our towns tree lighting. It was our first time going and it was just OK. Not sure if we'll keep this up but it was fun to just be out and seeing some lights.

Saturday, Rick and I spent alot of time going through bins and organizing everything that's going back down to the basement (which is almost done!) Then later in the day we headed to my in laws to celebrate Thanksgiving.

 Sunday morning our elf, Twinkles showed up! He brought the kids an ornament and chocolate sticks. They were so excited!!

I spent the morning decorating the house and once Avery woke up from her nap we decorated our tree and the playroom tree



 Avery's favorite thing to do was put the hooks on the ornaments instead of actually hanging them. Of course she was supervised while using the hooks :)


Once we were done with the tree, we settled in to watch Home Alone and eat some yummy reindeer chow we made earlier in the day

We were all so exhausted by the end of the night and Monday morning came so quick, not to mention we didn't sleep well because it was raining and our dog was freaking out half the night. To top that off Brayden woke up with pink eye in both eyes so he had to stay home. Thankfully we already had drops so he only had to miss school yesterday and is back today.

I hope you all had the best holiday and weekend!

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    Thanks for sharing the memories your family is building together.

  2. Looks like a great Thanksgiving! I can just see our tree adventures sounding similar to yours in the next few years. Haha, Avery's face in that santa pic is priceless! Your tree looks great! Beautifully Candid

  3. Oh such is life with three kids, right? Someone always crying and paying too much for an okay picture. Love all of your photos, though, and sounds like you had a great holiday weekend!

  4. What a great long weekend! Your tree looks SO pretty!!!

  5. Ahhhh what an amazing weekend! I have heard nothing but great things about Moana... some people are saying it's better than Frozen?!?! That is a bold statement right there!

    And girl, I forgot about you being sick last Thanksgiving... I was sick and couldn't eat last year either. I was so excited about this year's Thanksgiving that I ate waaaay more than I normally do just to make up for not eating last year. Haha.

    So glad that you guys had a great time... and like I said before, I'm so jealous that y'all chop down your own tree. So much fun!

  6. What a fun filled weekend and a gorgeous tree!!! I'm cracking up at Avery's personality!!! She's a hoot. Love your gorgeous tree--- ''tis the season ❤️

  7. Oh man. Y'all win for the most fun and most festive weekend. I think you could have crossed off nearly my entire bucket list in that one day.

  8. I am loving the pictures you posted. So many great ones. Love those chocolate animals. Now I see why it was just an ok photo. I love the faces they are giving Santa. Here is hoping for a better one soon. Too funny that Avery cried because she didn't want a photo taken and she wanted to carry the tree. I can't wait to see more Christmas posts!