Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekly Recap {11.14.16}

Monday came too quick this time, I totally could have used another weekend day! We had such a great week and weekend, here's our recap

We are still experiencing amazing fall weather, which is usually unheard of around Chicagoland, but we are totally enjoying it.  Although the nice weather is making it not seem like the holidays are around the corner, but I'm sure that will change soon enough and we'll soon experience freezing temps.

We had lots of park time last week due to the nice weather. The girls could play at a park all day

Tuesday Brayden had no school for election day so he came with to Avery's gymnastics class. He had a blast joining in on the fun!


 We love playing with our magnatiles at night. I've trained my kids well that now they just ask me to take a picture of them :)

This is Brayden's turkey we decorated for his class - you had to use anything besides markers or crayons. We had so much fun making this together

We made a Trader Joe's stop last week and it was Avery's first time pushing the cart. She actually did pretty well (and it was a good thing it was a weekday morning and there weren't lots of people there)

I love how the kids are with Max, they literally smother him with love everyday :)

While Ella was at preschool me and Miss A had some mommy/daughter time and of course she wanted me to paint her nails. She is so cute!!

More time at the park!

Friday night we went to look at furniture and of course we had to bring the 3 ring circus with - within minutes of being there, Avery took off her shoes and socks and was climbing all over the furniture, crazy girl!!

After we put Avery to bed, we played Pie Face Showdown since the kids have been begging us to. It was so fun and the first round was Brayden and Rick - I thought for sure Rick would let Brayden win and let him get hit in the face but nope, the hubs won and the hand smacked a giant glob of whipped cream at Brayden's face. I wasn't sure how he would react, but he thought it was hilarious! He was cracking up and loved eating it off his face. We played a few rounds then the kids were off to bed

Saturday morning I got a delivery from Zulily I was waiting for.  Originally I was going to order these snowboots from Target but then I saw these pop up on Zulily last week and snagged them. I checked but they aren't on there anymore, boo!

Saturday afternoon I headed out early to go help set up for my cousins wedding. She got married at a mansion and it was so so beautiful! She looked stunning and the night was so fun.

Sunday I was moving a little slow but I had promised Brayden and Ella we would go see Trolls. At least I had a big comfy chair to hang out in for a while and I even snuck a little nap in there :)


The rest of the day was spent relaxing and catching up on house stuff. I managed to watch a couple gilmore girl episdoes too. 

Now it's time to start our week, have a great Monday!

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  1. Painting my nieces nails is one of my favorite things!! Oh man you napped during the movie - was the movie not good? Loving the dress you wore for the wedding! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Sounds like a great weekend with those temps still letting you do so many fun outdoor things. Haha, that's perfect that they tell you to take their pic. Topping it off with painted nails, wedding fun, pie face, and a movie sounds perfect! Beautifully Candid

  3. You look so pretty at the wedding! And I am loving those boots!

  4. Oh my goodness I haven't thought about Magnatiles in ages! I think I will add that to the Christmas shopping list for my son (thanks!) How fabulous you are getting some of the weather we call fall here in NC! Enjoy it sweetie! My daughter and I had a little mani/pedi/facial party on Friday - girls can be so super fun. Your dress for the wedding is simply gorgeous. Wishing you a wonderful week. I stopped by from Johannah's link up. :)

    Amanda @

  5. Jacob has been BEGGING for Pie Face, so B and I got it at Target Friday on our day off. He's going to be so excited! Me? Probably not so much. Haha. But it will be worth it so see him love it so much!

    And girl, you looked gorgeous at the wedding! That dress is perfect.

  6. So cute and SO fun! You looked fantastic by the way girl!

  7. So much fun and so much was done this weekend. My girls could play at the park all day long too. You looked beautiful at the wedding. Glad you had a great time. We just got my girls Trolls lunch boxes at Target because they want their own and it was on clearance. Ha. Does that dryer really work for the nails? My girls are showing interesting in getting their nails painted but I don't think they will let them dry.

  8. Looks like another great week! I am SO jealous of your Trader Joes. We are headed up to KC this weekend and I think I am going to try and make at pit stop at the one up there. What's your favorite thing to buy there? At least you are ready for the snow when it comes. I LOVE your boots.

  9. It's finally cold here in Ohio and I'm okay with it. I thought I wouldn't be because Fall was so amazing but 'tis the season for chilly temps!