Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016 Recap

I can't believe another Halloween has come and gone! We had the best time celebrating this year and it was even more awesome that Avery knew what was going on.

First for the festivities, I got to be the helper in Ella's preschool Halloween party. I seriously love doing stuff like this so I was so happy I got to be there! They started the morning with some songs (mainly just the teachers singing) and then during the morning we made a craft, played more games and carved a pumpkin.

Ella's dancing was cracking me up - I so wish I took a video!


Then Monday I got to be the helper for Brayden's Halloween party. It gets so political in elementary school, I'm just happy I was picked to be there!


Rick was able to come home early so we set off to trick or treat around 4:30 with our neighbors, but first we had to snap a few pics!

Darth Vader & Kylo Ren!


I decided to be a bear to go along with Goldie and Little Red (from the show Goldie & Bear)

Doesn't Avery look just like Godlie?! I was so happy with how her costume turned out since I threw it together

Not sure what I'm doing with my hand here, but I still love this picture of us all!


We stopped by my in laws where Avery proceeded to open several suckers from the neighbors stash. This girl cracks me up! And clearly, anything goes on Halloween which is why we let her continue eating all those suckers! Thankfully a few minutes later she didn't notice when we took them away :)

After 2 hours of trick or treating, we were wiped! We headed home for pizza and candy and a viewing of Hocus Pocus. Unfortuntaely I also caught a nasty bug so by the end of the night I wasn't feeling well at all. After the kids went to bed, so did I. I'm hoping I am better soon since we have a wedding on Saturday and I really want to be able to enjoy it!

All in all, our Halloween was awesome this year! I know I've said it before, but having kids makes this kind of stuff so much more fun for me and I'm so lucky!

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  1. So cute! I love the girls costumes and you being a bear with them is so sweet. Emily loves watching that show on Netflix. Looks like you guys had a great Halloween! I can't believe it's November!

  2. Goldie and Bear!!!! Love it!!!

  3. Looks like a great Halloween! You look so cute in your bear costume!!! I hope you are feeling better!

  4. I love that you guys both dressed up with the kiddos. I told B that I think I want to do that next year. We used to dress up every year before we had kids, so why stop now?! The babies all look so cute in their costumes! Looks like Star Wars was VERY popular this year!

  5. Woo-Hoo! What a fun Halloween! All of your costumes are so cute! I agree, having kids makes this kind of stuff so much fun!

  6. Goldie!!! So cute! And I also love helping out in the school!!!

  7. The whole month of October flew by at lightening speeds. At the end of Halloween night I was asking Nathan how it was over so quick. Goodness! I’m so glad you guys had a good Halloween. I’m right there with you – love doing things at Mason’s school. Being Room Mom is totally my jam! The parties look like they were a blast. And their costumes are great. Avery made the best Goldie! That family picture is a framer. So good!

  8. How sweet and yes she looks just like Goldie! I love the costumes and all the fun kids have at school and daycare (my girls)!

  9. Everyone looks great in their costumes. Cherish those moments; my kids are older and I miss doing all that fun kind of stuff with them.