Thursday, November 17, 2016

Confessions {11.17.16}

It's Thursday which means I'm doing some confessing....

I confess...

I spilled coffee on our laptop yesterday and it's done. I am so mad at myself, such a stupid mistake. I brought it to a place to try and save it but it wasn't happening. Buying a new laptop wasn't in the budget but hopefully with Black Friday around the corner I can score something to get me by. Typing on the iPad just isn't the same :(

I started a real bad habit where I give Avery a sucker every time we're at a store. It's the only way I can shop in peace.

I am *so* close being done Christmas shopping and that has me so happy!

What doesn't have me so excited is wrapping everything. Don't get me wrong, I love to wrap but when there is so much it can be daunting.

We are chopping down our Christmas tree next Friday and the kids are so excited. We'll see how they are the day of however, since every other year there has been nothing but crying and whining LOL

My 6 year old is a hoarder. It's a huge problem we have with him. Yesterday while he was at school I filled 2 garbage bags of pure crap. Of course he noticed as soon as he got home and proceeded to yell at me #dontcare

That's a wrap for today, I need to get off this ipad!


  1. Ahh I have not even started Christmas shopping ;( GO YOU
    Chelsea @

  2. Haha! You have to do what you have to do when you're at the store with littles! I went to the grocery store with my two boys (2 yrs and 9 mos) yesterday, and we brought a snack with us and still opened two other snacks we were purchasing to get through the trip.

  3. What is it with kids being hoarders? My daughter is the same way and she doesn't even look at the stuff when she has it, but once it's gone it's like it hits her radar and she is crushed that she can't find it. Sheesh.

    Sorry about your laptop! :(

  4. Girl, you are so lucky to be almost done with your shopping! We're almost done with the kids, but we have a long way to go with everyone else.

    So sorry about your laptop. I can't even imagine trying to compose a blog post on an iPad. That would be impossible!

  5. I am so sorry that your computer is done for. Black Friday or Cyber Monday should help you out with that. Total bummer. I can't believe you are almost done with Christmas shopping. I envy you for that! I love that you are cutting down your tree next Friday too. Love it! I hope my girls do ok with it this year.

  6. SO sorry about the laptop. I did that not to long ago myself. I flipped it upside down insanely fast and only ended up messing up the keyboard. From there I had to buy one to plug in and milked it for quite a while later. UGH. Stuff like that sucks.

  7. While I love most things Christmas, wrapping is my least favorite.