Tuesday, November 1, 2016

3 steps to potty training success

Morning friends! I'm suffering from a major Halloween hangover, mixed with a nasty cold so today I'm sharing a guest post I did a little while back on Sparkles and Lattes

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back with a full Halloween recap of class parties and trick or treating!

Today I'm sharing 3 steps to potty training. I've successfully potty trained 2 out of my 3 kids and thought this was a great topic to guest post about since I'm about to start training my 3rd.

1. Make sure they are ready.

How do you know? With my kids, I started noticing they were telling me every time they went pee and poo in their diaper.  That made me realize they understood what was happening and that they could probably start going on the potty.  Also, if my kids got excited when I would talk about going on the potty, I knew it was a good time. If they didn't get excited, I would back off.  Once I had both things (telling me when they are going in their diaper + getting excited about the potty) I knew it was time to start.

2. Go big or go home

When it was time to potty train my first two, I took the approach of just diving in.  I did not use training pants or diapers some of the time, it was straight to underwear. (well except for night time, that took a little while longer) We went to the store and I had each kid pick out their favorite pair.  I chose to start potty training both kids on a Thursday and knew that the upcoming weekend would be spent at home, just training. I gated off our downstairs family room and pretty much confined them to our first floor which has our living room turned playroom and our kitchen (bonus is these rooms are hardwood) I would ask my kids several times an hour, "do you have to go to the bathroom? do you have to go pee?" If it would be a while in between going, I would sit them on the potty but only for a couple of minutes.  I didn't want them sitting on it for so long that they just happened to go and then might not be able to decipher the difference of actually having to go vs just being on the potty and going. I would repeat this several times a day.

3. Be their biggest cheerleader

If people could hear me cheering my kids on when they would go potty, they would probably mistake my excitement for winning the lottery. That's how much emotion I put into praising them.  My kids loved this so much.  I would be jumping up and down screaming "You did it! I knew you could! I'm so proud of you!! Yayyyy!!" and my kids would flash me the biggest smile.  I honestly think making such a huge deal when they went played a big role in their potty training success.

And there you have it, my 3 simple steps to potty training.  Of course this may not work for everyone but it could work for some. And remember, there will be accidents, maybe lots of them, but try not to blame your child (I know that can be hard when you're cleaning up pee or even poop for the upteenth time, but try) Most of all, Good Luck!

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  1. Solid advice friend. It's really not that complicated if you follow all of these tips.

  2. Great advice!! Alyx isn't potty trained yet. I had planned to start her by now, However...with our upcoming trip to Disney and the unbelievably long car ride there I have chosen to wait until we get back. I could just imagine being in the car and her asking every 30 mins to pee. haha =)

  3. Great advice! We're still struggling with this with Liam. Want to come train him?!? Haha!

  4. Great tips! We are having a little bit of a hard time with our son who knows when he's going and will ask us to change him after but he really doesn't have an interest in going on the potty. We aren't forcing him and might try again in a few weeks. Beautifully Candid

  5. Amen to all of these tips. We're working to potty train Olivia now and it's going better than it did with Jacob, but still not super great. I can't wait to hear about your Halloween! And I feel you on the hangover!

  6. GREAT tips!! It's a long, long road but I had to commit as well! I did the three day method and it was so stressful but effective.

  7. Great tips! We got so incredibly lucky with Mason because he basically potty trained himself in a matter of 2-3 days. It makes me scared if we have a 2nd because what are the chances? That one will probably be in diapers until he/she is 5. Kidding...but really! ha

  8. I love this post and thank you for sharing it on my blog!

  9. How old were they? Andi is 21 months and she has gone in the potty twice so now its just up to us to stay on top of it! I've got to do better! haha