Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly Recap {9.26.16}

Ah Monday, we meet again. I could have really used another day for the weekend but that's clearly not happening.

I'm still fighting a sickness and really hope it goes away so I don't have to go to the dr. 

Anyway - onto our weekly recap!

We've been reading LOTS of Halloween books, the kids are loving them and so am I :)

We picked Brayden up from school last week when he had a half day and when we were parked in the pick up lane, this girl came and sat up front. She was pretty happy. 

We had more fun in our backyard with the kids roller coaster!

And of course playing bubbles! Avery loves for me make them and her to chase them :)

Brayden's school did a fun night hike and I was so happy we went! It was just me and him but next year I think all of us will go, Avery is just too little for this kind of stuff.

We showed up to his school at 7 and they let us in the gym where they had craft stations set up. Brayden made a pair of glow stick glasses that would help us later on our outside scavenger hunt!

We headed outside after doing all the inside stuff for the scavenger hunt. We were suppose to go to each cone that was set up and look at the constellation picture on it and try and find it in the sky and then write the name down (we had a key with all the names) but it was so cloudy out you couldn't see any stars.  Pretty much this part of the night turned into kids running everywhere with glow sticks and it was awesome. 

Part of our morning routine - get Brayden on the bus then the 4 of us go on a walk/scooter ride

Friday I was lucky enough to go volunteer at Brayden's school! My Mom watched the girls and I went and helped with Hot Lunch.  I was so excited to do Brayden's room (along with several others) and sneak a picture with my boy! Gotta love that he has a mouthful of food!

I took a picture of the milk cart because I just still can't believe my baby is big enough to go to grade school and come out in the hall and get his own milk.  I know it's not a big thing, but I want to remember it!

Friday after school, we all went on another walk/scooter ride and ended up at the park 

We spent Friday eating pizza and watching Hocus Pocus!

Saturday was a busy day - I took Ella to dance then dropped her and Miss A off at Brayden's soccer game with Rick. Then I headed to my cousins wedding venue to check it out for the big day - I am going early with some of my family to help set some stuff up. The place is gorgeous and I'm getting so excited for her!

Later in the day we had Brayden's friend (and our neighbor)'s birthday party. It was a pool party and originally I had no plans to get in but realized I had my bathing suit and the kids wanted me. Thankfully I think no one noticed I didn't shave my legs! Ha

Brayden was obsessed with going down the water slide - he must have done it 20 times!


Later that night me and my neighbor put our kids to bed and met up for a drink - I was home by 9:30 and sleeping by 10.

Sunday was my cousins wedding shower! It was so fun and my aunt and cousin (her sister) did such a great job with all the little details! 

I pretty much relaxed the rest of the night since my sickness would seem to get worse, then better then worse then better. As much as I love Fall, I am NOT looking forward to all the sickness that is heading our way. 

I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Oh to be a kid again and have so much fun going down slides!! Hope you feel better girl!! Being sick is no fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! There is nothing worse than not feeling well. It looks like you guys had a great weekend!

  3. Your kids are adorable! My mom is all about Pete the Cat for her students!

  4. I love holiday books they are the best. Pete the Cat is a fav in our house Chelsea @

  5. Oh Lizzie, I hope you feel better soon! It is yucky to know that winter and aaaallll of the germs that come with it are almost here! And I bet your kiddos love that roller coaster! Jacob went to a party where they had one recently and that's all he wanted to do. He didn't even want to play on the water slide bouncy house that they had gotten! Haha.

  6. This looks like a blast and I love the Halloween books! I sure hope you feel better asap lady!!

  7. I hope you feel better very soon.

  8. What fun you all had this weekend. I hope you feel better soon. Momming when you are sick is the worst.

  9. Oh man for not feeling great you totally made the best of the weekend, and looked amazing too. I hope you are finally starting to feel better lady.