Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pediatric Cancer Month - Noahs Bandage Project

Today I'm sharing with you a story about a special little boy named Noah.

About a month ago, one of my favorite people in blogland, Brittany, emailed me as well as several other people informing us that September is pediatric cancer month.  Not only is that huge in itself, but Brittany lives next door to a couple who lost their dear son Noah to cancer when he was only 6 years old.  This is something I honestly cannot fathom. 

When the little boy Noah was still here and being treated, he wondered why there weren't any cool band aids at the hospital or doctors offices. He had to be poked and prodded so much that he wanted something cool to show off.

You can read more about Noah and his family here and also watch the youtube video below  - I didn't even know Noah but after learning about him, he touched my heart.  And not to mention, his parents are some amazing people.


Brittany asked if we would be interested in sending some band aids to her so she could then pass them along to the hospital (you can't send them direct). Of course I wanted to be a part of something so amazing and off to the store we went.

The kids each picked out a box - Brayden originally had superheros and somehow he ended up with Paw Patrol? I'm blaming it on Avery tossing and taking every box she got her little hands on :)

Monetary donations are also always welcome - the Wilson's are working to increase the lack of funding there is nationwide for pediatric research (only 4% currently!!!).  So far, they have raised $100K and that number continues to grow (donations can be made on their website:

Another way to help this cause, is to send band aids to the following address, any time of the year 

Noah's Bandage Project
119 N Parker Street Suite 110
Olathe, KS 66061

Let's hope and pray more funding can go towards pediatric cancer, and most importantly, finding cures!

Thank you Brittany, for letting me part of this.  This little boy sure was amazing and I hope what he started will continue on forever.


  1. I absolutely love that so may bloggers spread a message of love today by posting about this. Such a great cause.

  2. This. I'm in. Last fall, I started following a little boy, Chad Carr - look him up - who was diagnosed with an unoperable and terminal brain tumor, DIPG. He passed last November and after watching what he and his family had to go through, it changed me. It tore my heart into a million pieces. It made me cry harder than I've ever cried. And, it made me mad! Soooo mad! They could have stood a chance had they had the funding! That could have been one of our babies........and only 4%?!?! Ugh!!!! We'll be buying bandages today for these little babies!!! Thanks, Lizzie!!

  3. Noah is taking over my blog feed and I LOVE IT.

  4. Yes to what Stephanie said!!! Gives me goosebumps! I love that we can each do something really simple to help the legacy of Noah live on!

  5. What an amazing project! I've seen this around several times today and I love it! It makes me so happy seeing all of you ladies getting together for such a great thing!