Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Bucket List - 2016

Happy First day of Fall!! The weather is still pretty summer around here and I would so love it if we can stick to the 70's - 80's I'm over you.

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't share my Fall bucket list?

 Pumpkin Patch

Oh how we love this tradition! We typically go every year with my husbands side and the kids have a ball.  We walk around, let them run and play, eat some yummy lunch, then visit the petting zoo side. Brayden and Ella have attempted the Haunted House in the past, but have always come out crying so I wonder if they'll want to try again this year?


Jumping in leaves

The kids always have so much fun with this! Except Avery, she did not care for this last year. I have a feeling things will be different this year!

Halloween - Trick or Treating

How could it be Fall without Halloween! I have never been a huge fan of Halloween in my adult life, but once I had my own kids, my inner child who loved it came back. The costumes, the trick or treating, the class parties, it's all SO fun now!

Have a Bonfire 

We haven't done this in so long, mainly because it's been so hot.  Looking forward to enjoying one in our backyard soon.

Make S'mores

This will hopefully happen the same time as said bonefire!

 Halloween movies

Of course number one on my list (and now my kids) is Hocus Pocus. How can it be Fall/Halloween time without this movie?! And of course The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is a must!

Make Pumpkin Bread

I have yet to make pumpkin bread, ever, so this is more than overdue

 Carve Pumpkins

I just picked up our pumpkins this week because they were an amazing price and figured I should grab some good ones before they're gone.  We love hanging out in our garage or even our driveway with a folding table doing this.  I usually gut them and make seeds and the hubby helps the kiddos out.

Thankful Pumpkin

Last year, I introduced my family to a Thankful Pumpkin.  Starting November 1st, we wrote down on the pumpkin something we were thankful for.  We usually did this during dinner.

Nature Walk/Hike 

We live so close to one of the best nature centers and I'm sure we will make our way there. I would also love to go check out Starved Rock.

I don't think this list is to unattainable :)

What's on your Fall Bucket List?

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  1. Long time no chat Lizzie! Your kiddos are too precious! Love the thankful pumpkin!

  2. Your list is PERFECTLY Fall. I need to be better about documenting our adventures this Fall. I plan to do just that!

  3. Love that you added the photos from last year to this years post! That thankful pumpkin is SO cute too. I may do that instead of our tree this year just for a change. Your list is perfect.

  4. That Thankful Pumpkin idea is SO CUTE! Love it! I still have Hocus Pocus on my DVR from last year. :)

  5. Love your list!!! It's very similar to ours =)

  6. I love love LOVE your thankful pumpkin! We need to adopt that one this year!

  7. The thankful pumpkin is going on our list! I love it!