Thursday, September 15, 2016

Confessions {9.15.16}

Phew this week has been a doozy! The girls have had these colds for what seems like forever (and it's only the beginning of this, I know), I went to check on Avery the other night before I went to bed and I immediately smelled throw up, yep she threw up all over herself while having a coughing fit (I'm assuming) and that obviously meant waking her up to bathe her and clean/change her sheets, I had a touch of a sickness that I think I was able to fight off and I just want it to be the weekend.  Although I committed to having a garage sale and I'm not nearly ready so maybe I don't want it to be the weekend?

Ok now that I got some whining off my chest, we can move on to confessions....

I confess.....

I still watch Teen Mom - the original ones and the other girls. I feel a connection to that show because I was pregnant with Brayden when it first started airing and also, it makes me feel like a spectacular Mom

I have been watching all this coverage on the 20th anniversary of the JonBenet Ramsey case and it's all so crazy. I feel like someone in that house had to have done it but I will never understand why - and I hope I'm wrong

After school time is probably my least favorite time of the day. Brayden comes home, the girls are just getting up, everyone wants a snack and then there's the whole going through the backpack fiasco. Oh, and trying to help Brayden with his homework with 2 little girls who are always interrupting, fun times I tell ya :)

I drink way too much coffee but I don't see that changing anytime soon

We are not going to Disney World until next October and I am already started to do some initial planning #obsessed

Alright - enough confessing and complaining, I'm off to have a great day! See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites

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  1. I still watch both the Teen Moms, too! It's been on for so long, you just feel so invested!

  2. I can't even watch the JonBenet stories! I can't sleep, it's like a horror movie... but in real life!

  3. Ok seriously, your post didn't show up in my blog reader again today, but I actually remembered to come check it myself. I wish I knew why it was doing that! I'll probably see this post show up in my feed in 2-3 days. Lol.

    And girl, I am with you on the JonBenet stuff... I remember that case like it was yesterday and I remember being so fascinated/terrified with it when I was young. I think somebody in the house had to have done it as well. And aren't both of her parents dead now, too? Isn't that so strange??

    And yes, going through the book bag at the end of the day is no bueno. Ugh, I dread homework time. Jacob is doing much better with it now, but the first couple of weeks were rough.

  4. I am obsessed with the Ramsey case. I shouldn't be anymore but they've roped me in again with all the new shows.

  5. Hope everyone gets to feeling better. I watched the Dr. Phil show the other day with Burk Ramsey. Crazy how it all went down, and the killer still hasn't been found.

    1. Thank you, everyone seems better now *fingers crossed* - I saw the Dr Phi too and it was so bizarre!

  6. Oh man, hopefully everyone is nice and healthy in your house now, especially since it's the weekend! I also hope that you're garage sale went well!

    Teen Mom is awesome! I occasionally watch it too, as well as, My 600 Pound Life!!

    Guuuuurl, you and I both on the coffee thing. I honestly don't want to know who I'd be without coffee. Probably a human sloth. The slowest moving, unmotivated human sloth.

    Disney! Disney!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! How exciting! I absolutely loved your Disney recaps last time. You helped me plan our entire trip! Eek! I can't wait to read all about your plans and your trip...even if it's next October! Woo-hoo!!!

  7. Haha! It is NEVER to early to start doing some Disney planning. Sorry to hear you are already fighting germs. It's the worst part of back to school season.

  8. We’re not going back to Disney until October 2018. I’m dying to go back sooner! I don’t blame you for planning now. I will be planning a year in advance as well!!

  9. I always thought it was someone in the Jon Bennet household too. I still wonder. I watch Teen Mom 2 too. I hate it, but love it.