Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What's Up Wednesday {6.29.16}

Happy Hump Day, Friends! Today, I'm linking up with Shay & Mel  for What's Up Wednesday!

What we're eating this week...

Aside from our normal routine meals, this week I made these cheeseburger wraps, although I didn't grill them, they were still super yummy!!

You searched for grilled cheeseburger wraps - Life In The Lofthouse:

What I'm reminiscing about...

Well, with my first born having his 6th birthday (I swear we just celebrated his 5th!!)  in just a couple of weeks, I'm thinking alot about when I first became a Mom. 

love at first sight....even if I was drugged out of my mind, LOL
soooo happy! I remember this feeling like it was yesterday

What I'm loving....

These shoes from Target.  Seriously, I wear them all of the time! I thought I wasn't going to love them, but I do! They are really comfy too.


What we've been up to....

Lots of being outside!! Swimming, splash padding, and parking mixed with lots of baseball :)

Also found time to make a fun craft.

What I'm dreading....

Nothing really, that's a good thing, right?!

What I'm working on.....

Getting ready for Brayden's 6th birthday parties...it's a superhero theme at our house with a kids party from 1-3 and family party starting at 4...it's going to be a fun filled day!

What I'm excited about....

4th of July, my boys birthday, the hubby's birthday...July is going to be a great month!

What I'm watching/reading.....

Reading The Castaways but haven't had time to pick it up in a while


Watching the Bachelorette and Mistresses mostly....I need some summer shows!!

What I'm listening to....

Sofia the First in the background....gotta give the kids something to watch to leave me alone for 20 minutes to write this post #momoftheyear

What I'm wearing....

Since it's been so nice, I've been living in this bathing suit and my swim romper cover up.  My same romper is sold out but here are some other good choices!


What I'm doing this weekend....

It's 4th of July weekend so we are relaxing and having fun!! We are going to a pool party at my SIL & BIL's house Saturday, Sunday a party at my in laws, and Monday hanging with friends.  

What I'm looking forward to next month....

Brayden's 6th birthday and the hubby's 34th birthday! It's going to be a month of celebrating!

Image result for birthdays

What else is new....

Hmmm not much really - we are still getting quotes and trying to figure out if finishing our basement is going to happen (I really hope it does) so we need to finish that process.  The kids are full on enjoying summer and so am I.  I am so so lucky to be home with them!

Bonus - What is your favorite 4th of July recipe....

We made these one year and they were super good and super easy! Might have to make them again!

M&M Flag Sugar Cookies:

Have a great day! 


  1. That romper coverup that you're wearing is soooo cute! I've never seen a romper coverup before.. they're always dresses! I'm going to need one of those!

  2. I have that cheeseburger wrap pinned but I haven't made them yet. They do look really good! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. That romper! So cute!

    I can't believe Brayden is turning six already! It seems like you just blogged about him turning five. Crazy talk.