Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Pets

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to talk about our pets for Show & Tell Tuesday.

When I was little, we had 2 dogs and I always knew I wanted one when I got older.  Fast forward to a month after I got married. I started seriously discussing getting a puppy with the hubs who wanted no part of it.  He never had a dog and didn't want that responsibility.

Weeeellll I'm not a very good listener because I started contacting breeders and picked out our dog! I was telling him about it but he kept saying he didn't want it.  Again, didn't listen, and my Mom came with me for the 2 hour drive to go pick up beloved Maxwell!

I'll never forget that first day I got home with our pup - the hubs was for sure mad at me and at first he wouldn't even look at our new dog, but within 30 minutes everything changed.  The little pup went right up to him and the hubs was done.  He was in love.  And has been ever since :)

Before having kids, Maxwell was my kid.  I would say he was my first born. I was OBSESSED with him!!

Then, Brayden came along. I always swore I wouldn't be that person who forgot about her dog once she had kids, but I'm super sad to say it happened, and without me even realizing at first.

Dogs are hard work, but kids are harder and all of my attention went to Brayden when he was a baby and my poor pup was neglected by his Mama.  Thankfully the hubby was always there to give him the attention he needed.



Max has been the BEST dog to our kids.  They love on him, hang on him, jump on him, play with him, all of the time and he never once gets tired of it.  He loves them to pieces which makes me so happy!!


I have been making more of an effort to pay some more attention to Max, but the reality is my 3 kids take up ALOT of my time so it doesn't always happen. I at least no there is no shortage of love when it comes to Max, our whole family loves him so much, so if I'm not the one loving on him, someone else always is.


I'm so happy my kids are growing up with a dog.  Brayden is in charge of feeding him and Ella gets his water and they always want to help walk him.  We love having Max as part of our family!


  1. What a cute dog - that picture of your little one laying with him by the door is so sweet!

  2. This is so funny because Brian was the exact same way as Rick... he had never had a pet growing up and he was not remotely interested in having a dog. Well, I finally wore him down and he ended up melting into a little puddle over Maui when we brought her home. He even talks to her in little baby voices and everything now. Hehe.

    Maxwell is SO sweet. I just love hairy little dogs!! They are my absolute favorite!

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