Monday, June 20, 2016

weekly recap {6.20.16}

Happy first day of summer friends! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Ours was really great and we were blessed with AMAZING weather so that helped :)

I've got a lot to recap so I'll get to it :)

We spent the day at the library last week and did story time - the kids loved it and of course Miss A was walking around like she owned the place


After the library we headed for froyo! (not sure why Brayden's making that face, he was thoroughly enjoying his froyo, ha)

Brayden got the MVP at his game last week! He was so proud and so were we!!

The one park he plays at is in our neighborhood so we get to walk, and I just love watching Rick and Avery walk together :)

Through our town, Chevrolet was hosting a free baseball camp and it just so happened to be at our local baseball teams field.  When I got the email, I was sure to sign Brayden up right away because it was first come first serve and I thought it would be so fun! Originally I had planned to drop him off and pick him up but when I got there I saw all the parents were just sitting in the seats watching the camp which was on the field, so the girls and I stayed.  It was 3 hours and after all my snacks ran out and the girls realized there was nothing else for them to do but run up and down grass, we left for a few to grab coffee and donuts.

Brayden seemed a little nervous when we got there and I noticed him on the field not really trying as hard as he could be. It was really hot out but still I could sense something else was up.  I never really knew what that was, but there was some moments where I saw him crying out there and when it was over he told me he got hit with a ball a few times while playing catch with another kid and he was sad he didn't bring his bat (you weren't suppose to bring a bat, but try explaining that to a 5yr old)


He was happy with the lunch they gave when it was over and I think overall he enjoyed himself.  I am very proud that he went with it and stuck it out even though I know he would have left if he could have. 

little sister the chip stealer

I took the kids to finally see the Angry Birds movie and thankfully we went to a 9:30am show so there was barely anyone there.  Brayden and Ella were great, but Avery was over it after about an hour, which is far longer than I thought she would last.  She managed to make it through but we did a lot of walking up and down the isles.

Michaels craft stores has this summer craft camp going on all summer so we popped in last week for a session.  The theme was dinosaurs which Brayden loved! Ella did really well too given I left them in the classroom alone while me and Miss A walked around and shopped.

Avery HATES being in a cart now, like really hates it.  Even if she has snacks/phone, whatever, she doesn't want to be in there. I let her roam the isles at Michaels because I felt so bad for all the screaming she was doing in the cart...but her getting out means she just finds a way to cause trouble :)


The kids were so happy with their projects and so was I! They made dinosaur fossils and a dinosaur matching game.  Well worth the $5/ea!


It's been really hot lately which we love (it would be even better if we had a pool!!) so we had a water balloon fight the other day - of course these 2 won :)


Avery is getting so big! I can't believe she can do the climbing wall on our swing set!

She's also been brushing her own teeth and it's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen...

We headed to a local splash pad last Friday and the kids had a freaking blast.  Seriously, whoever invented splash pads are a GENIUS!

Friday afternoon while the girls napped, Brayden asked me to watch a movie with him.  How could I say no to that!? He picked a movie and told me to close my eyes, and when I opened I saw he chose my favorite movie (from when I was a kid) Monkey Trouble.  He is so sweet, I swear!  On top of it, he went and got us our monkeys to watch with us.  I love this boy so much!

 Friday night Costco trip = froyo!

Saturday morning my friend who just moved to LA was in town and stopped by for a few.  She walked down to Brayden's game with us and stayed for a little - he was so happy!!

Little man also loved having his Papa and Grandma Deb there too!


Saturday we swam all afternoon at my in laws then headed out for a friends surprise 30th.  We ubered there and back, which was smart of us, but what wasn't so smart was the 5 martini's I had.... I was definitely hurting Sunday morning. I NEVER have that much to drink, but it was a really fun night, so it was worth it.

Sunday morning the hubs opened his gifts then we were off back to my in laws for grilling and swimming.  We all had a great day filled with too much sun and I am collapsing right after I'm done typing 9pm. 


That's a whole lot of recap for ya! I'm off to bed so I can be up bright and early to start our week! Brayden starts a S.T.E.M. camp tomorrow and my sister and nephew are coming over :)



  1. MVP of his game - that's awesome!! Pool time is the best - especially when the weather cooperates and you feel refreshed jumping in! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Congrats to Brayden for getting the MVP!!

  3. Holy moly, I can't believe that Avery is big enough to climb up the rock wall on your playground!! #BossStatus

    And that is SO exciting that Brayden got MVP from his game!!!! I know that you were one proud momma!!