Tuesday, June 14, 2016

South Haven Vaca 2016

Hey hey friends! I'm here today to recap our South Haven, MI mini vaca.

We LOVE South Haven so much! It's a cute little beach town and only 2 hours from us. We've gone the past few years with my husbands family but this year, our family vaca is going to be in Green Lake, WI so we still wanted to get to South Haven for a few days.  We went with 2 other families one being my sister in law and brother in law. We had the best time!!

We left Thursday morning and arrived around noon. Once everyone else arrived we grilled some food then headed to an awesome wooden park.  From there we walked to town and walked in a few stores/a couple of bars and got the kids some ice cream.


Each family was cooking dinner each night and since there were 3 nights + 3 families, it worked perfectly. We always seemed to set the kids up to eat first so then we could enjoy our meals #winning


Getting the bigger kids to bed the first night was an ordeal - they all wanted to sleep in the same room, which would have worked if they would have actually went to sleep, but since that didn't happen we had to separate them and they finally got their butts to bed :)

Friday morning we left early to go strawberry picking.  I've never been and it was so fun! The kids really enjoyed it.


Ella scraped her knee before we left and she was upset pretty much the entire time we were strawberry picking, poor girl!!

After strawberry picking, we stopped at a couple local places - antique store and farmers market then headed back into downtown South Haven so the kids could pick up some ducks at one of the toy stores (it's tradition to buy those little plastic ducks every time we go)  We then ate lunch at this amazing pizza place in town - I don't remember the name but seriously it's the best!

Later in the day, the weather turned gorgeous and we spent a good amount of time hanging outside. We filled up a bunch of water balloons for the kids and they played this cute game my SIL brought - it was like hot potato with a water balloon inside and you passed it around until it broke on someone. The kids were loving it.

Later it was time for the beach!!  Miss A warmed up to the sand really quickly which I so appreciated.

The water was FREEZING yet my BIL and nieces were still swimming in it.  This is about as far as Brayden would go.

Friday night we made dinner and relaxed at the house.  Round 2 of the kids going to bed was much better! The cousins even slept together in the same room with no problems.

Saturday was a gorgeous day.  We started our morning off with a family walk then headed into town to check out the farmers market.  Their farmers market is always really good.  We grabbed some tamales and checked out a few samples and made our way to sit and eat.  I also picked up a pink hydrangea plant for $8! 

We walked through town a little more then headed back to the house to get ready for the beach.  


While at the beach, the hubs told me to come over by him only to show me that Avery had a terrible blow out diaper - we're talking poop all over him - it was so nasty. I had to carry her across my arms on her stomach all the way to the public bathrooms which were completely full and had a line out the door. I had to change her so I just put her on the concrete ground and changed her - it was so nasty but I had to do it.  Thankfully there was an outside shower right outside too so I hosed her down.  Babies can be so nasty :)

Not long after that fiasco, we headed for some ice cream. I let myself indulge in some and it was GOOD.

At night, the kids, hubby and I walked back to the beach for a little so I could take a couple pics of them in the outfits my Mom bought them.  Of course they weren't all looking but I love them anyway

I didn't bring my nice camera so all my pics are from my crappy Iphone :(

At night we all walked back to the beach to watch the sunset then set off a couple of lanterns. 

The adults all stayed up again after the kids but I was the first to go to bed.  I needed to get some sleep after drinking for 3 days :)

Sunday we woke up and pretty much packed up our stuff and left.  I love that we gained an hour coming home so we still had our whole day. 

Even though it was just a few days, it was so nice to get away!

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  1. Oh my gosh! It looks like you guys had a blast and I must say, the way you and I take on South Haven is identical...because we're awesome. Haha! ;) Also, we must live closer to each other than I thought, because I live about two hours away fro SoHa, as well...and we're really close to the border of Indiana.

    Nasty poop diapers are never fun and I can't imagine trying to walk through the sand to get to those bathrooms, that's part of the struggle. You definitely deserved ice cream after that!

    Loved these pictures and happy you had a great time!

  2. What a fabulous trip! I love all of the family pictures of you 5! Such a picture-perfect family! And I think I've said it before, but your cute family of 5 makes me so excited for my future family!!

  3. Ah, such a fun trip! I'm so impressed how far out Brayden would go in the water by himself. Jacob refused to even put one toe in unless someone was holding him. Lol.

    And OMG at the blowout diaper. That sucks soooo bad.

    And we had ice cream at a Kilwin's when we were at the beach, too!

  4. What a fun trip! Aside from that diaper fiasco of course, yikes! Those sunset shots are gorgeous!

  5. Love the sunset family picture! SO beautiful!

  6. Oh my gosh what a fun trip!!! And great memories. Even though you didn't have your nice camera- you still got some awesome shots with your phone!!! Beautiful family and friends for sure :) just what summertime is for!

  7. Sounds like a great trip...minus the blow out part! haha! babies are the worst sometimes. (but then they get you because everything else about them is so darn adorable!)