Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weekly Recap {6.28.16}

Happy Tuesday, friends! What a week it's been - summer is in full swing over here and it feels like we are going non stop and I love it!

Here's a recap of our week

Our weather has been so nice with only a couple of crappy days, so most of our time is spent outside.

Avery trying to get big sister to move

Hanging out in our backyard pool :) The kids have so much fun in it.  Hopefully one day we will get  real pool :)

My veggie garden is coming along nicely and I've been eating a salad every week using the lettuce we're growing.

My flower/plant gardens are doing well too! I cut off a couple of hydrangeas and put them our table. This is about the only time we have fresh flowers in our house, ha ha

Brayden had his S.T.E.M. camp all last week and it was our ritual to show up early and play at the park. It was also our ritual to go back after dropping him off and the girls would play, oh and we would go back after Brayden was done with camp.  I was so over going to this park by Friday!!

Play time! Making Mama some eggs :)

Last Thursday my Mom came to lunch with the kids and I and since we were close to the hubs work, he met us too! My Mom got us Jimmy John's while the kids (and the hubs) had McDonalds. 

I think Avery was happy Daddy was there!

Brayden and I played around with Snapchat - we were enjoying the new features since I got a new phone. My old phone had no room left to even update apps so this was a fun surprise!


 More baseball games, which meant trying to entertain the girls while also watching Brayden play.

Last day of S.T.E.M. camp! We snuck back into the classroom after it was over to snap a pic of the car Brayden's group made.  He's all smiles and then he got super worried we would be in trouble.

After camp, we headed to a different splash pad/park and met up with Brayden's buddy from school.


Ella has such determination, I love seeing that in her! She wanted to do these little monkey bars but couldn't get it.  She must have tried no less than 50 times and finally made it 4 bars.  She (and I) was so proud!!

More baseball :)

After Saturdays game, we headed to a professional game in the city - the White Sox.  Our family are Cubs fans but Rick's work has season tickets to the White Sox so we figured for the big kids first experience, we would try the free route :) I'm glad we did because they were over it faster than I expected.  To their defense, it was 90 degrees and sunny so we were all melting.

Ella was all smiles though because she had her favorite snack.  All was going well until she stood up and said "I'm peeing right now!!" and she was, peeing all over herself.  For some random reason I had an extra pair of kid sweatpants in my bag so we went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and changed.  It would have sucked if I didn't have those pants.

typical Brayden face

 If you follow me on IG, you saw Saturday night we hung in and watched Ducktales; Treasure of the Lost Lamp - if you are a child from the 80's/90's you surely have seen this movie. The kids LOVED it!

Sunday we did some stuff around the house and played out in the backyard all afternoon.

We had such a fun/busy week and I'm kind of excited this week is pretty low key. 

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  1. Yay! I love all of your adventures! You have so much to do in your area!

    Your salad looks so yummy and your flowers are so pretty! I've been eating salad from our itty bitty garden. It's the first time we've ever had a garden and it's been awesome!

    Oh and that last picture of everyone in the pool - soooo cute!

    Have a great Tuesday, girl! :)

  2. So freaking awesome that you're growing your own veggies! I eat a salad almost every day for lunch so I sure would save a lot of money if I could just grow my own!