Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekly Recap {6.1.16}

Happy Wednesday and Happy June!! I took a break from blogging and honestly it took alot to get back to it today.  A long weekend always does that to me.

I can't believe we are in June already - but it's my birthday month and we are headed on a mini vaca soon so June is welcomed with open arms

Here's a look at our last week -

Monday was a dr visit because over the weekend Brayden was complaining about his throat, again, (the boy just had strep 2 weeks prior) so to be sure I took the kids 3 ring circus in.  I wanted them all tested just to be sure.  They only tested Brayden and Ella and said it was very unlikely Avery had it.

Lo and behold, Brayden was positive again for strep! (Ella was negative) The dr put through a prescription for a different medicine and said Brayden had to miss the next day of school too. This was his last full week at school so that kind of stunk.

Tuesday I got my first taste of summer.... 7am and the kids all wanted to go outside! Oh my gosh, the days are going to be long this year, but oh so fun

I got them to hold off until after breakfast. They played outside for a while then we headed to the nature center/barn for Brayden to do a scavenger hunt and us all to walk around.


Then it was lunch outside in the backyard followed by a water fight :)

Wednesday after school Brayden came home with his yearbook (OMG my kid is old enough to get a yearbook, somebody hold me) and the first thing he did was skip to 6th grade to find our neighbor Daisy....gotta love little boys and their crushes!

Avery wanted to sweep - clothing was optional

Thursday was Brayden's field day so I was going later in the day to volunteer but first I took the girls to a new neighborhood park. They had a BLAST


Ella was so scared to do this thing and finally she overcame it, she was so happy and I was so proud! She then proceeded to do it 100 times :)

Field Day at Brayden's school was so fun!! Although it was also quite the workout! I was in charge of basketball and fielding those balls from some very uncoordinated kids took it's told on me, ha!

After school freeze pops were in order!

Friday was Brayden's school fun run - all the grades run at different times and parents can show up and run with their kids or just watch.  My mom came with so she hung with the girls while Brayden and I ran. I love this fundraiser his school does!

I was really impressed with how well these little kids ran! Brayden and I did 6 laps so he got 6 red tickets which were later entered into a drawing and he came home with an awesome set of Legos!

Oh and so funny, while we were running at some points we would walk a little, and when we saw Brayden's teacher he said "I'm going to save my energy for Miss J" and as soon as she looked his way he bolted! He was running so fast I could barely catch up to him! Such a charmer!

Afterwards the girls and I ran some errands and Ella won at the claw machine, again. They love this one claw machine because they literally always win.  Granted I toss these stuffed animals after about a week but who cares, they are only a quarter usually!

Saturday was swimming for Ella and she did so good! Then we all went to Costco where we purchased an inflatable pool for the kiddos (and us!) The kids spent a while in it even though it was freezing! Then we headed to our friends house for a BBQ. They have every kid toy imaginable so our kids were in Heaven

Sunday we went by my in laws and the kids "swam" in their hot tub which wasn't that hot and they had a blast. We ate over there and hung out until we had to leave and go by my Aunt's for another BBQ.

Trying to get your almost 6 year old to take a picture with you....

Monday we stayed home and it was great.  I ran out to Hobby Lobby to do some returning/shopping and the hubs hung with the kids in the backyard in the pool.  We spent the rest of the afternoon all outside relaxing and it was so fun.

The hubby picked up these awesome water balloons from Walmart - you know the ones that make 30 balloons in 10 seconds and they were SO worth it!! I already ordered a couple more packages from Amazon and they already got here (gotta love prime!)

Monday night we relaxed and Avery passed out while eating....I would say that was an end to a successful day!

Today is my baby's last day of Kindergarten and you might find me crying in a corner...this year went too damn fast!


  1. Glad you are back! Love your weekly recap! You are such a fun mom!! You always inspire me to get out more and do things with the kids. I totally agree this school year has went by so fast!

  2. looks like you guys are having a fun summer!! We just had strep in our house too... that sucks you had two rounds of it. Those pools are great, we have one and it's nice they are big enough for the adults to sit in and cool off too (when they can avoid the crazy jumping children, that is!)

  3. Oh gosh, I can't believe that Brayden had strep AGAIN!! That is so crazy! I hope he's feeling much better now! And it's so funny because Jacob got his first yearbook this year, too, and I couldn't believe it. For some reason that's what made it finally feel real. Good luck today!! I know you'll be happy to have him home for the summer!!

  4. I love that passed out picture of Avery. Those are such sweet moments. Looks like a really great time was had by all this weekend. I really hope this is the last bout with strep for a long time for Brayden.