Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites {6.24.16}

Wohoo for Friday! This week has been a doozy! We have had something going on every night except Monday, and the fun isn't stopping yet.  We have a baseball party tonight, tomorrow an early baseball game and then the hubs and I are taking Brayden & Ella to their first professional baseball game downtown! I am going to be ready for bed by 7pm tomorrow....

But for now, on to the link up


Summer TV really makes me wonder why we have cable (wait, every season makes me wonder that) but there are a couple of shows that I'm loving right now.

The Bachelorette is one of them.  I love Jo Jo and think she is of course drop dead gorgeous but right now, I'm really not feeling any of the guys she has.  I know Jordon is a huge front runner but he doesn't seem right to me (you know, since I know these things because I'm some sort of professional or something, ha ha)

Either way, it's a guilty pleasure that I love to watch and my husband is forced to. If you watch and want to read hilarious recaps, you should check out Jessica's and Sheaffers' blogs.  Seriously, friggin' hilarious!

Mistresses is another favorite of mine! I love this show much, if you don't watch you totally should. It's just a fun, cheesy drama that I cannot get enough of. It's on on Mondays too so usually I watch this Tuesday since Bachelorette is on same night.

So there's my PSA for what shows you should be watching :) If you have some good ones, please let me know because after those 2, I got nothing.


I shared some bathing suit ideas yesterday for the whole family.  You can see it here.   I swear, I could collect bathing suits especially for my little gals!


Why oh why does Summer make me want to shop all the time!? I can't be the only one??? My friend bought these shoes and now I want them baaaaaaaaaad.  I just can't justify it at the moment, but I will be watching them to see if they go on sale!


These and these are a good cheaper alternative though (both on really good sale too!)

I did just purchase this tank however, because um, how could you not for under $14 and free shipping!!



Last weekend for Father's Day, I made these delicouse cookies I saw on Andrea's blog.  They took a long time to make, but I thought they were soooo worth it!


Our backyard is HUGE and while we don't have plans to get a pool right now, I would love to get one of these inflatable bouncers.  Do you have one? If so, please let me know if you like it and which one you have.  These are not cheap but I see tons of fun happening if we got one...

I saw this one  but would like to see if it comes down in price at all.

Then there's this one that is slightly cheaper, I just don't know which I like better.

That's a wrap for today! I'm off to take my little man to his last day of S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, math) camp then maybe head to a splash pad later. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I need to look at those inflates I need one :) Chelsea @

  2. The inflatable thing! Wow! Times have changed since I was buying kid stuff! We thought the pool and slip n slide were great! That's amazing.

    1. Ha ha, I know!! It's crazy where they go with some of these things!

  3. Im watching Odd Mom Out on Bravo. It's hilarious and is so much fun to watch! I believe it's on at 10 on Monday nights, but I usually just watch it later in the week on Demand.

    As for S.T.E.M., I've been looking for something like this for Henry, but we don't have anything like it nearby. Do you sign him up for weekly classes or do you just show up? I might have to find one of these in a bigger town or something, it sounds too cool!

    Have a great week, girl!!!

  4. WHY is this post just now showing up in my blog reader?! Blogger has been really struggling lately and it's making me maaaad. Lately old posts that I've never seen have been popping up in my reader like they're new. So now I'm worried I've been missing a lot of posts from people. Dang you, Blogger!

    Anywho, those shoes are AMAZING! I love me a good pair of black wedges. And they would go with everything!