Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites {4.1.16}

This Friday totally crept up on me but I'll take it! We have a nice low key weekend planned and I am beyond excited about that.

***Before I get to the link ups, I am hoping someone out there can help me.  So I've had my blog (through blogger) linked to my Google + account for months, but whenever I receive email notifications that someone had commented on my blog, when I would hit reply and try to respond, it would come up as a no reply blogger...however, I know for a fact some of these people were in fact NOT no reply bloggers...  does anyone know why this is happening?

Ok, rant over and on to the link ups :)


The search is over! - Mama has finally found 2 bathing suits! I've already shown them but now that I actually have them and have tried them on, here they are (not on me of course, lol) I guess I really gravitate to the boyshort kind now and of course give me all the floral...

{of course I always remember to shop through Ebates to get free money !!}

As I already mentioned, I love this suit! And who would not love that pricetag!? It sucks everything in and fits great. I am actually going to have the straps changed on this one to make it a halter, it's an easy fix and I just feel more comfortable with a halter top.


This one is sooo cute! I just love how both suits fit so I kept them both.  With their price tags that was easily justified :)

Ok, I promise now the bathing suit talk is OVER! 


We were at my sisters house the other week and my nephew has this cool moon in his room - It has a remote to change the color and shape and it's really cool! I think I want to get one for Brayden's room.


They even have a rainbow one that I'm tempted to get for Ella!



I have to share my new favorite jeans! They are SO comfortable and very flattering and the short is the perfect length for a shorty like me.



Favorite quote of the week - I saw this and loved it.  Anytime I see something like this it really resonates with me.  I know this time my kids are little is the absolute BEST time and I need to constantly remind myself of that while I'm getting worked up over piles of laundry, piles of dishes, cheetoh prints all over every.little.thing. One day I'm going to wish someone's cheetoh prints were on my couch :)


Favorite new dish right here.  I made this Wednesday and not only do I love the fact that it's a croc pot recipe, it was so dang good! We already love us some pierogis so I knew this would be a hit.

This Easy Pierogi Casserole is delicious and a snap to throw together! Such a fantastic recipe for dinner.:

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

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