Thursday, April 14, 2016

Confessions {4.14.16}

I've yet to link up with Jessica for her weekly confessions, but today I thought it would be fun! I love reading everyone elses confessions, so I think it's only fair to share some of mine.

I confess......

I'm addicted to teen mom. the first and the 2nd. I cannot get enough

Sometimes when I'm reading Ella the same book for the umpteenth time, I skip a bunch of pages, and will continue to do so until she notices

I only showered twice this week (don't worry, I plan to today so that will make three)

I ate an entire bag of Brayden's skittles the other night after he went to bed, he will for sure notice any day now 

Some days I am so over driving anywhere with the kids, the in and the out of the car seats drives me crazy sometimes

I only clean my bathroom floors maybe once a month (don't worry, the toilets and everything else is once a week)

Sometimes when I put a DVR'd show on for the kids (because I want a minute to myself) when it's almost over, I rewind it about halfway so I can get some more time (this only works with child #2 & #3)

I'm so behind on laundry, my 5 year old had to tell me to do it because he had no more clean pants

I am beyond excited to be going on a date with the hubby next week, it seems like forever since the last one

Ok, that's it for today, I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday and I'll see you tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!


  1. Yay for dates! Bathroom floors? Psshhh. ;) I'm with ya!

  2. It's so much work to get kids together, out of the house, and into a car seat. It's an ordeal for us with just Mila - I can't imagine how it is for you with three! Yay for a date night! We need one soon, too. It's been a while! Have fun!!

  3. I hate the in and out of carseats!!! My kid's daycare is at my office, so I commute with them... so I tell my husband he is the official errand-runner of whatever needs to be done after work. The in and out of the carseats to run some errands is too obnoxious!

  4. Date nights are always fun :) Chelsea @

  5. Hahahaha I TOTALLY skip pages some nights with Olivia! It never worked with Jacob, but Olivia just goes right along with it! And girl, cleaning the house? I can tell you that I don't even clean the toilets once a week... #aintnobodygottimefodat

  6. Agreed with the in and out and in and out of car seats! Oh my can be exhausting!

    I'll skip pages, too! I never used to do it, but I've since wised up!! Haha!

    Oh and laundry... Psshhh.... Like that'll ever be finished. It just keeps coming!!! Arg!