Tuesday, April 19, 2016

weekly recap {4.20.16}

Happy Wednesday! What a week this has been, the girls came down with croup 1 day apart so I basically got no sleep Sunday or Monday night.  Have I mentioned how much I HATE croup??!

Ok, now that I'm kind of functioning thanks to about a million cups of coffee, I can recap our last week.

Monday started off going to the park district to pick up Ella's dance recital tickets. These girls were showing some serious love when we were leaving.

After some grocery shopping, we headed to the park since it was pretty decent out. Avery is such a big girl at the park now! I honestly can't believe how fast time with her is going.

Ella wanted to ride her bike to the park this day and I always feel guilty about leaving our dog at home when we go out, but I think next time he has to stay home because pushing a stroller, walking a crazy dog and making sure your toddler doesn't fall off her bike is a little too much for me to handle.

Tuesday we headed to our neighboring towns library.  It's actually the library I grew up going to but I haven't taken the kids here ever and I'm not even sure why? They were having a fun barnyard puppet show.

But first, it was playtime since we got there a little early

Ella finally mustered enough courage to go sit on the carpet with the other kids :)

Meanwhile, Avery is practically napping. That's her laying down.

After the cute puppet show, they had a decorate your own cookie into a pig station set up.  It was so cute!

Later in the day was dance for Ella and I didn't even realize it was visiting day which means you an sit in on their practice.  Of course the day I didn't have a stroller for Miss A! She was all over the place and was not having sitting on my lap.

Wednesday we headed to Ikea and this one was cracking me up how she was sitting in the cart. #neveradullmoment

Wednesday night this boy had swim lessons and since he did so good, he got to pick something from the treasure chest.  He is loving his new dracula teeth and puts them on to scare me on the daily :)

Thursday morning we hung around and played with Brayden's bunchems.  Ella was having a blast creating a rainbow and Avery was loving throwing them everywhere

We then headed to our library for story time.  I swear, Avery does the library like a boss.  She basically owns the place.

After the stories, it was craft time! Ella was so proud of her butterfly and so was I :)

Thursday night after dinner, we headed to Brayden's school park.  He had been asking to go there for a couple of days because he said his friend from school was going to be there.  I of course just thought that was kids talking but when we got there, she really was there and he was in Heaven :)

Avery was obsessed with covering her foot with woodchips then kicking them off... hey whatever makes her happy

This is my view every morning when I come back from bringing Brayden to the bus (it's right across the street)

Saturday was such a gorgeous day!! We started our morning with Ella's swimming lesson, then headed to Brayden's baseball practice.  Me and Miss A tried taking a pic together and while I may not know exactly how to angle the camera, Avery was too cute in this not to share

There's the hubs pitching to Brayden. I love my boys!

Later in the day we headed to the movies to see Zootopia! Since we didn't have a sitter, we had to bring Avery with.  It was her first movie so it needed to be documented.

Sunday morning we headed to Trader Joes and I got a glimpse of some of my favorite people on the way out :)

We noticed Avery seemed warm and lo and behold she wasn't feeling good.  She spent the rest of Sunday on the couch with a fever, poor girl!!

While Avery napped, we headed outside to play!

My sweet Ella picks me a weed flower every time she sees one :)

The rest of the night we just hung out and relaxed and snuggled with Miss A (who thankfully woke up fever free on Monday but then came down with croup)


  1. CROUP AGAIN?!?! WHY?! I swear, this has been the neverending season of sickness! I'm glad they're doing better!

    And Ella in her little ballet outfit has to be one of the sweetest things ever! It makes me want to get Olivia into dance lessons of some kind!

  2. Other than that nasty croup, this post made me laugh several times! LOL - literally. Those grocery cart pics and the library pics are sooo funny. It looks like you guys had a great week and I'm glad everyone is feeling better. Happy coffee drinking!

  3. Both girls with croup at the same time?!? You deserve some chocolate or wine or the world's strongest coffee! I hope everyone is feeling better. Cute pictures!