Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10 Things I miss about working

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Ok, not sure if most of you know this, but I worked full time until we had #3 in August 2014.  I NEVER pictured myself as a SAHM before having kids. I said I always wanted to work while raising children.  But then I had my first, and slowly the desire of wanting to stay home was creeping up on me.  Then our 2nd came, and by the time we were ready to try for #3 I knew I wanted to be home. Talk about a 180!

Even though I love staying home, there are still lots of things I miss about working! And here they are:

1. Going to the bathroom alone

Yes, little did I know what a luxury this was until it was taken away! Even if I shut the door and lock it at home, the littles are pounding away yelling at me for something.

2.  Driving in the car by myself

It was so nice to drive alone to and from work.  I could listen to talk radio in the morning and whatever the heck I wanted to on the way home.  Now it's all KidzBop or Taylor Swift then repeat.

3.  Sitting

Yes, you read that right, I actually miss just sitting! I worked in an office so pretty much all my time was spent sitting at my desk.  I never knew how much I would be on my feet while staying home.

4.  Lunch Breaks

Ahhh lunch breaks! I miss you so.  Now my breaks consist of either eating whatever the kids didn't finish or making something super quick and inhaling it before I'm asked to do/get something for the umpteent time. Of course this is all done while standing.

5.  Adult Interaction

Oh yeah, that whole talking to adults thing, I kind of forgot all about that now, but I do remember it being so nice.  I miss going in on Monday's and talking about my weekend with co workers, or just chatting about anything and everything.

6.  Second Income

This is a big one I miss.  I use to be able to go out and see something I liked and would buy it without second guessing. Now I have to think "do I really need this or is this a want" before most of my purchases. Yeah, more money, I definitely miss you.

7. Silence

Ahhhhh silence.  3 kids + staying home = what the hell is silence??

8. Shared responsibilities

When I worked full time, things were more split around the house that's for sure.  I'm not saying the hubby doesn't help out, but now staying home is my J.O.B. so I have to do a majority of things. There are definitely days I wish these were split again!

9. Looking presentable

Presentable? What's that? Now that I'm home, I'm usually rocking yoga pants and a top knot and it's a good day if I put on some brozner and mascara.  Not that I got fully done up for work, but I did put on real clothes, makeup and my hair (almost) always was done.

10. "Me" Time

You may not believe this but I had more "me" time when I worked. Basically my whole day at work was me time really, but what I mean is when I was all caught up or had down time I definitely used it to my advantage and that would be the time I surfed the web, caught up on current events (aka celebrity gossip) and even blogged (shhhhh) so yeah, I miss all that extra "me" time. Now my kids are up way too early and putting them to bed is no easy task. Once they are in bed, shortly after, so am I which leaves very little "me" time.

If you stay home but use to work, what's something you miss?

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