Monday, April 4, 2016

weekly recap {4.4.16}

Happy Monday, friends! It was a pretty good week last week except for the fact that all 3 kids got sick, boo! Thankfully it was only a 24 hour thing for each of them.

Here's a recap of our week:

Tuesday we headed to Costco and of course Little Miss had to check out all the patio furniture :)

Wednesday was so nice! We went for a walk/bike ride and then to the park

Before we left, Ella insisted on trying to climb this tree then after 3 seconds realized she is way too little for that still.

Throughout the day, I noticed Avery was extra cranky and clingy.  I finally felt her forehead and she was pretty warm.  I realized she wasn't feeling good so it was all snuggles and cuddles until naptime.

While Avery napped, Ella and I played some games! We love us some Zingo and Pop Up Magic Castle

More tv cuddle time with Miss A, poor girl was so miserable

I was SO happy Avery woke up feeling 100% better because we had plans Thursday to go to the Children's museum with my Mom, Sister and nephew.

The kids had so much fun, even though the place was a complete zoo!


Friday night we had our usual pizza/movie night but afterwards, the girls played Dr. and gave Daddy a check up.  Avery is LOVING playing Dr right now and it's just the cutest dam thing ever.  Ella has gotten so good at the Dr. role you wouldn't even know she was just pretending :)

Big brother being funny and putting his toy on Ella's head :)

I love the hubs enthusiasm :)

Saturday morning Brayden woke up with a fever so he was pretty much couch ridden but Ella had her first swim lesson.  I took the girls with me while the hubs stayed with Brayden.

Ella was so nervous to go to her lesson she was crying before saying "I don't want to go to swim lessons!!" but when it was time to get out she was crying that she didn't want to leave LOL!

I took the girls to Target after swimming to pick up some things.  Ella was acting extra whiny and I really wasn't sure why.  She kept crying saying she didn't want to leave her swim lessons but I knew there had to be more to it.

Sure enough when we got home I felt her and she now had a fever.  Ughh! Her and Brayden didn't move from the couch pretty much all day and they were so miserable.

While we were gone though the hubby got our frames put up above our bed and that made me super happy!! Just look at those adorable babies!!

Sunday Brayden and Ella woke up feeling SO much better!

It was pretty nice out so we headed out for some afternoon playtime! Avery got outside and just started running towards the back of the house where the hubs was practicing baseball with Brayden.

Time for a popscicle break!

I had so much clean up to do in my gardens but my little man was more than willing to help!

We spent the rest of the night relaxing, getting ready for our week :)

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  1. Oh man...fevers all around, eh? Poor kiddos. I hope everyone is healthy over there!

    Henry was throwing up last week, he got better after a few days then Eliza had a fever for a couple of days. Poor things. It's so sad to see them feel so miserable. I feel your pain...

    Your Husband is hilarious in those photos! I agree, major points for the enthusiasm displayed! Haha! ...oh and your pictures and your bedroom - LOVE!!!

    Have a great day, girl!