Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekly recap {4.25.16}

Oh Monday, we meet again! I'm here to recap our week of shenanigans :) It was a pretty low key week for us since the girls were sick earlier on but we still had lots of fun mixed with lots of whining :)

Monday was SO nice so we headed for some fro yo after dinner :)

Ella HATES taking pictures ( you would think by now she would be use to it, but nope!)

Tuesday when Brayden came home from school, this is what I pulled out of his folder! Gotta love big brothers! That 1 with all the 0's is how much he is selling them for LOL

These 2 being their silly selves

Brayden did so good at swim lessons this past week! When I went in to get him, his teacher told me he was advancing to the next level, which is HUGE for him!! Last year he was stuck at the lowest level for months without ever advancing (he does not love when water touches his face and you had to be ok with that in order to move on) Well fast forward a year and they agreed to put him in the next level up from the bottom and he was thriving! This was only his 3rd week and he got moved up! I am one proud Mama that's for sure!

Thursday was another gorgeous day so I took the girls to a fun local park.  I love it because there are no wood chips just a rubber ground. The girls had the best time!

After the park we came home for lunch then some more outdoor time. These girls love bubbles!

Thursday night the hubs and I headed out on a sushi date at Benihana.  It was so yummy and so nice to get away just us

yayyy no kids!

Friday night we headed to my BIL & SIL's house to celebrate my nieces 7th birthday!

Saturday morning started off with Ella's swimming lesson and she is doing so well too! She wasn't loving her lessons at first (she doesn't like going under water which surprises us because she has no problems with water ever like her big brother)

While we were at swimming, the boys were at baseball pictures.  Us girls came home and hung outside for a while because it was so nice again!

Then we went to Brayden's first game!! Ahhh I am officially a baseball Mom! Something I've so been looking for to :) I plan on dedicating a whole post to his first game but here he is up at bat!

Sunday was another gorgeous day! In the morning I went through my clothes and made a huge pile to donate and finally got around to going through my shoes.  I got rid of about 10 pairs that either don't fit or I would just never wear again.  It feels so good to get rid of stuff!

The hubs had a football game in the morning so while he was gone, I took the kids to another local park.  All was going well until Ella had to pee 10 minutes after getting there.  We didn't want to leave so I did what any normal Mom would do, took her behind our car so she could pee. She wouldn't have been seen by anyone at the park or the street and I had wipes on me so all was good, until I told her to squat and before I finished my sentence she just started peeing, all over herself and my hands. 

Needless to say, it was time to go home.

Once we were home and all cleaned up, we headed outside to play on the water table! I still can't believe how much entertainment this provides my kids. They played with it for HOURS!

It was so nice we even got to enjoy dinner outside! That's a great day for sure :)

And that was our week!


  1. That picture from Brayden seriously made me LOL. SO funny. And yay for a date night! Benihana is so good!

  2. Awe.. Brayden at his baseball game!! So cute! I can't wait until my boys are old enough to play!!! I'm glad you got your sushi date night in!!!

  3. What a fantastic place to get froyo! That view looks incredible! And yay for date night! I know you guys were dying to get out for some alone time!

  4. Yay for date night...during the week!

  5. Yay! How fun! That picture that Brayden made gave me a good laugh! So funny!

    Oh and girl, I totally hear ya on the peeing behind the car thing. I do that same kind of stuff. Let's just say there's been more than one time, okay like 15 times, that I've had Henry pee in a leftover coffee cup from my car. LOL! Renew, reuse, recycle! Hahaha!