Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Favorites {4.8.16}

Woohoo for Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. We don't have alot planned again and I am totally going to enjoy it.  Maybe I can even sneak out to Hobby Lobby sans kids!


I shared some tips and tricks from one of my most favorite vacations ever this week - you can check it out here


This month I am trying to start and finish putting together Ella's big girl room.  She already sleeps in a big girl bed, but her room has had nothing done to do it in 3 years since we moved.  We literally put up 2 shelves and I hung some nursery art, but that's it.  Now it's all getting changed and finally I will be doing some serious decorating!

On one wall I 'm going to do a gallery wall with princess watercolor prints, since princesses are her favorite.  I found these adorable prints on Etsy for such a steal!! I cannot wait for this wall to be complete.  Here's just some I purchased (I ended up getting 8 of her favorites)

Rapunzel Print, Tangled Disney Watercolor, Rapunzel Art Print, Nursery Wall decor, Watercolor Print, Disney Princess Rapunzel PosterPrincess Ariel watercolor Disney Art Nursery Ariel print Kids Bedroom Decor Arieal wall art printable Baby Room ariel poster, Christmas Gift
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Sticking with the above theme, I'm also planning to put a giant picture of the castle on Ella's princess gallery wall, but I need your help! Which castle print do you like better? 1st or 2nd? Originally I liked the 1st one but now I think I like the 2nd one, but of course I can't decide




Favorite memes of the week

Our weather has been CRAZY here lately.  If you know me, you know I actually like winter and LOVE snow, but not in April. Like really, I am so over it

Ha ha this one is so true! Whenever I say we might do something, Brayden holds me to it or else...

LOL this one is sooo me! I am terrible with directions and everyone knows it. In HS when people would ask how to get to my house, I would tell them which McDonalds I lived closest to and then how to get there from there...but without ever using cardinal directions...


Favorite pins of the week (if you want to follow me on Pinterest you can here)

I'm thinking about doing a donut theme party for Avery's 2nd...which you know isn't until August, but hey, a planners gotta plan!

Donut Breakfast Party! Deco your own donut. Build your own pancake.:

I have plans to make this Saturday, since you know it will be a high of 38...

Loaded Broccoli, Cheese and Potato Soup - so full of flavor and so many delicious ingredients. This soup will keep you warm and full any time of year! { }:

Happy Weekend! I hope some of you get to experience nice Spring weather!

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  1. I like the second castle picture the best! Ella's room is going to look so cute! Cant wait to see it 😊

  2. I like the first castle picture the best =) A Disney room is the best kind of room for sure!! And that soup...ohhh my! It looks amazing! Happy Friday!

  3. Yes to all these things!!! Please give me directions like 'turn right at the Home Depot. Then at the second light, turn left.' NEVER give me East, West, etc... I'll get lost for sure! I love the second castle picture.. I like the brightness of the castle. I need to redo both our boy's rooms.. we moved in September and just threw some things on the wall.. they need some better decor!

  4. I can't decide between the two! I think I like the first better, it seems less stark and warmer. Also loving those Etsy prints! Her room is going to be so cute!

  5. I like the second castle picture better!

  6. So much to say! OMG those Disney Princess prints make me want to redo Olivia's room! And I can't believe it's already time for Ella to have a big girl room. *Tear* I like the second castle best, but it's really a toss up because you know how I love pink!

    AND OMG you just said cardinal direction. Lol. I wouldn't have ever even remembered to call them that. Haha. I'm all about giving landmark directions - turn left by the Walmart, then make your right by the Chick-fil-A. Yep! And don't even try to get me to read a map! PLEASE!

  7. You and I are SO much alike with the vacation planning. I did similar posts several months back, haha. I read your posts and you're just like me, looking into every single detail. But it's so worth it once you're there! I love those watercolor prints. I'm pretty sure I have items saved from the same Etsy seller!

  8. Oh my goodness! Those watercolor princesses are perfect! How in the world did you find them? She's going to love them!

    I like both castles, but the one of it in the day could really pop next to the princesses! I don't know, gee, both are perfect!

    Guuuurl. I'm right there with you with this weather! I loooove the seasons, but this is ridiculous. Where are my tulips?!? They were just there! Where the heck are my tulips?!?!?

    And that donut birthday party! Oh my yum! That's going to be awesome and so so cute!

  9. Those watercolor prints are beautiful! So, so neat!

    I like the first castle just a smidge more, but you can't go wrong with either!