Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekly Recap - Spring Break Edition (3.29.16}

Wow what a week we had! My little guy was off school all last week through yesterday so we packed our days with lots of fun activities!

Brayden's Spring Break Bucket list consisted of all of his favorite things to do that he doesn't get to do that much anymore now that he is in school full time.  Poor guy has to listen to the rest of us talk about our days and the fun stuff we do.

On Monday, we headed to the library for a play of Rumpelstiltskin.  The kids really enjoyed it! Brayden's in the tie dye shirt in case you didn't already know that (one of his favorite shirts)

After the play, we checked out some books and movies and walked over to get some frozen yogurt from one of our favorite spots.

My 3 favorites marching through the library! Avery thinks shes such a big girl now while I just want her to stay a baby forever!

Hey kids, smile and say Spring Break!! And this is what I get.....

Miss A was hilarious the way she devoured her frozen yogurt :)

After the library, Brayden, Ella and I headed outside while Avery napped.  We were playing zombies and guess who had to be the zombie!?? Yours truly :)

Monday night Brayden had his last floor hockey class.  I took the girls with me because the hubs had to go to a parent/coaches meeting for Brayden's Tball.

My girls being extra cute!!

Tuesday we headed to the Carousel Room - another one of Brayden's choices.  He had SO much fun! He met some boys and they became instant friends.  They all made Ella be the zombie and chase them. Oh boys!

Avery was so cute! She would try so hard to follow Brayden and Ella but of course she can't do everything they can.  One day she'll be right there with them :)

Before we were leaving, Brayden wanted to ride the carousel one more time....but another kid was on his favorite horse.  After that turn ended and the boy hopped off, I told Brayden to ride again and get on his favorite.  He did exactly that so I'm not sure why he had so much attitude about it!

After the carousel room we decided to go surprise Daddy at work! Bonus is we got to see Grandma Pam and Papa since they work there too :) 

Brayden loved seeing his work and already asked when we can go back :)

Wednesday we had a playdate at our house with Brayden's school buddy.  He happens to have a younger sister Ella's age so it works out perfectly! Brayden built this right before they came over.

I had to take Avery to the dr for a follow up from the ER/hospital stay.  While waiting my cuties were being just too cute! And Avery really knows how to ham it up!

Thursday Daddy was home from work so we headed to the mall! We had lunch first then went to this awesome new arcade they opened.  Again, Brayden's choice :)

She was throwing a fit because I pulled a chair up for her to see better at air hockey.... Oh to be 3!

Friday Dad was off work again, woohoo!! We went bowling and all had so much fun!!

Ella was so cute when she would bowl.  She would push her ball down and then jump up and down until it got to the end.

When did this kid get so big!?!

Saturday we had a little party at our house for my Mom's 60th.  

The amazing cake my Aunt made!!!

Sunday was Easter, and you can read about that here

Monday was Brayden's last day off school so we headed to the zoo! My sister and nephew joined us and it was such a fun day.

Brayden loves seeing the peacocks.  Whenever he does, he asks for my phone to take some pictures :)

Phew! That's a wrap on Spring Break 2016.  It was so much fun and I know Brayden LOVED being home with us.  He was crying so hard before bed last night because he said he didn't want to go back to school, he wants to be home with us playing.  I know he just got used to being with us non stop and he will be just fine when he walks into school :)

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