Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly recap {3.14.16}

Ahhh, Monday, we meet again :)

Here's a recap of our week:

We had some REALLY nice weather so we spent lots of time outside playing! This girl on the swing is so funny.

Brayden went to school sporting his new sweet coat, thanks to his Papa! 

Tuesday was gorgeous so we went to the zoo.  Avery was LOVING being let out of the stroller :) All past zoo trips she was stuck in the stroller so little Miss was enjoying her freedom 

Wednesday we headed to the mall to do some shopping and returns, but first we had to stop and play!

Thursday night there was a Macaroni March Madness event at Brayden's school.  Basically you brought mac n cheese to donate then you got to shoot hoops with your parent.  

What looked like not such a long line ended up being an hour wait until Brayden's turn! The girls were just not having it so it was an interesting and stressful night, but all worth it once Brayden and the hubs had their turn :)

Friday Brayden was going to my Mom's after school.  Last month he was saying how him and Max (our dog) never have any alone time with her.  He is so funny! I had to snap this pic of him writing it down on his calendar :)


Friday afternoon I took the girls to the park because again, it was GORGEOUS!!

Saturday morning we took Brayden to get fitted for his baseball uniform ( I can't wait to see him all dressed!!)

After we headed to the park but first Miss A wanted to drive :) (don't worry, the keys were not in the ignition)

Avery's favorite thing to do now is the "balancing beam" as we call it when you walk along the edge. Only problem is girlfriend is too little to be coordinated enough but too independent to want any help. #toddlerlife

After the park, we headed to our old H.S. for a fundraiser event for Autism.  They were selling tons of awesome cupcakes and also had so many fun games set up for the kids.  We all had a blast!

The bunny was there so it was good to get that done too because I don't see it happening any other time.  Ella & Avery were NOT having it but my boy stood there and did so good.  It's crazy to think just a few years that was him crying.  He's growing up way too fast!

Saturday night the hubby was hosting poker night at our house so the kids and I headed over to a friends house to hang out.  The boys were being typical boys and chasing the girls around with guns and the girls were running and screaming :)

Sunday we relaxed at home then headed over to my in laws for the Cousin Bake Off Challenge (which I'll be posting about later) and it was a fun filled day! 

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