Tuesday, March 22, 2016

weekly recap {3.22.16}

Another week of mostly fun stuff to recap :)

Monday I took the girls grocery shopping and to run a couple of errands - Ella loves pushing the little carts at Trader Joes :)

Monday night Brayden had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and my did he have fun!! This boy LOVES arcades!

Tuesday there was no school because of voting so we hung around the house in the morning and played a fun game called roll a rainbow :)

After the nice sugar high the kids had going, I kept it up with taking them to lunch followed by ice cream :)

Although Ella didn't want ice cream, she just wanted a cone - yep that's our girl, she can be a little quirky (one of the things we love!)


I didn't want to deal with the mess of ice cream for Avery so Brayden was nice enough to let her eat some of his with a straw

Tuesday afternoon my Mom came by to watch Brayden and Avery so I could take Ella to dance alone (something I never get to do) - she was SO happy she got to hit the automatic door on the way in and on the way out! (usually her and Brayden split it)

Wednesday we went to the library with some friends and Avery was obsessed with sitting at the computer and banging on the keyboard :)

Thursday was Ella's last ice skating lesson and she was so excited!! She did so great and I am beyond proud of my girl!

Later in the day we did some school 

And at night we headed to Ikea with our 3 ring circus :) The bigs laid on every bed they saw!

Friday my Mom and us went by my sisters house and spent time with her and my nephew. We had so much fun!

Later in the day I put Miss A's hair in her first real pony!! I can't stand the cuteness!

Friday night was Easter egg dying! (a post to come on that)

Then Friday turned into the worst night which you can read about here if you would like.

Sunday I was able to take the girls on a walk while the hubs and Brayden were at the hubs bowling league.

While Avery napped, the bigs and I did a few science experiments. The kids really enjoyed them! (and we stayed out of the hubby's hair while he installed our new floating nightstands!!)

And then we all pretty much collapsed by 9pm. 

We're on Spring Break this week and I'll make sure to recap all if it next week :)

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