Monday, March 7, 2016

Ella 3 1/2


My Ella Bella,

Ohhh how I am loving watching you grow! You are still a toddler in my eyes but I can see glimpses of you becoming a little lady.  While it breaks my heart a little because to me you are still only 1, it makes me so happy at the same time.  You are now 3 1/2 and time is not slowing down.

You are the biggest sweetheart! Which is also your nickname for Avery :) You are always being so attentive and caring to her needs. When she is upset you start to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or play peek a boo and she almost always cheers right up! You love on her and hug her all of the time and always tell her how cute and sweet she is. You are going to be the best mama one day.

You can be so sneaky! You're always taking Brayden's things when he's not around and hiding (more like throwing them anywhere) them in your room. You love to go into his room while he's at school and cause mischief.  I guess that's what the younger kid are suppose to do because I did the same exact thing to my big sister (sorry Jenny!)

You are one smart cookie! You can count so high - up to 30-40 with very little help. You know all the uppercase letters by identification and most lowercase. You love to do flash cards and you learned how to write your name pretty much on your own because I only showed you a couple of times.  All of the sudden one day you wrote it, and pretty well at that! You know all the shapes and colors and I know you are going to shine right through preschool when you start later this year. 

You are soooo good at video games! Seriously I've never seen a 3yr play like you, (we're totally getting parents of the year for this by the way) 

You love your big brother so much and always want him to play with you. I love watching you guys get along and be sweet to eachother - it lets me know you really do love eachother amidst all of the bickering/fighting you two do.

You are equally a Mama's girl and a Daddy's girl.  It's so sweet to see the bond between you and your Daddy and I of course love when you want me.

You always want me to lay with you first after we read a story at bedtime.  While we lay there you love to do shadow puppets on your wall and recently have started enjoying playing rock paper scissors too (you learned from your brother) Then you ask me to give you lots of kisses all over your face and then you tell me to leave, LOL. You are so funny like that.  It's like when you are done cuddling you are done! Then you ask Dad to come in and you two are always giggling together, it's so sweet to hear! When you're done with him you also tell him to leave.  You are Miss Sassypants with a capital S for sure :)

You are SO dramatic :) You always have been and lately it seems to be getting worse.  You can throw a temper tantrum like none I've seen before (this makes for super fun trips to stores) I really hope this isn't a sight for what's to come... #helpuscometheteenageyears

Here's some of your current favorite things:

Tv show: mix between pj masks, paw patrol and you started loving Gravity Falls with your brother (although you still LOVE Mickey!)
Movie: Frozen
Food: pizza 
Color(s): pink and purple
Game: Zingo
Toy: Lil Woodzeez Treehouse and the Elsa Ice Castle

You went from being the most serious baby to the goofiest toddler and I love it! I am enjoying spending these days at home with you more than you'll ever know.

I love you baby girl!


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