Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kids Bake Off Challenge

A couple weekends ago the cousins all participated in their very own - Kids Bake Off Challenge!

My niece started watching the show - Kids Baking Challenge and she was hooked. She came up with the idea for all the cousins to do their own challenge.

The adults decided on ice cream sundaes, something they wouldn't actually have to bake but still would have fun with.

We all provided tons of toppings and ice cream and let them have at it!

There were teams - my oldest niece and Brayden, and my younger niece, Ella & Sam.  (Avery was asleep for the challenge otherwise she would have participated :) )

Each team was going after 2 awards - Best Design and Best Taste

Brayden and my niece Audrey won Best Design

Ella, my niece Anna and nephew Sam won Best Taste

They all had so much, we've already got plans for our next challenge.  Strawberry Shortcakes will happen on our summer family vacation, can't wait!!

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