Tuesday, March 8, 2016

weekly recap 3.8.16

Another week to recap!

Last Monday started with a full makeup morning. Ella LOVES doing her makeup and looks like little sister is following her lead


After our beauty morning we went on a playdate at none other than the Carousel Room (seriously we love this place!!)

It was Dr. Suess's birthday so there were tons of crafts set up for the kids to do

Wednesday I surprised the kids when Brayden came home from school and we went for milkshakes and fries.

Love this boy!

Love this girl!

Love this girl too!

"Brayden, smile!!" This is what I get...LOL he sure does crack me up

Thursday it snowed a little so we headed out to play when Miss A took her nap.  Ella loves the snow and we had so much fun together building a little snowman.

Friday we relaxed and played inside most of the morning/day.  I love being out and about with my kids but I also love just being at home playing with them.  We played kitchen for such a long time and I really soaked in the moments.

Saturday morning we headed to Home Depot for the kids workshop. The kids had a blast :)

Sunday morning I headed to the city to meet up with my girlfriends for a cooking class.  It was a pasta making class and it was SO fun!! I love spending time with my gf's that I barely see!

And that's pretty much it - it was definitely a lower key week for us which is always fine by me :)

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