Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Easter Basket Ideas

I loooooooooove putting together our kids Easter baskets.  And since Easter is just a few short weeks away, I thought I'd share some cute basket ideas.

First up is their baskets themselves.  I made a basket for each kid, the hubby and even our dog got one :)

You can find the tutorial here - they are super easy!

Now here are some fun ideas to put in them!

For the girls:

1. Frozen beach towel - This is the first year I'm going to put in swimwear and towels, I don't know why I haven't done this before!

2. Frozen Tumbler - Who doesn't love a new princess cup?!

3. Princess Sunglasses - Girls always need a new pair of sunglasses :)

4. Bubble Wands - We love bubble wands! Usually I get them from the dollar store but this is a better deal and you get alot!

5. Princess Swimsuit - Are you sensing a theme here? My girls love princess anything and I like them to wear these cute character suits while they still enjoy to.

6. Frozen Mini Doll Set - My girls would love to have these to play with the Ice Castle!

7. Frozen Fever Figures - My girls, especially Avery, LOVE the little 10 minute movie Frozen Fever. I know they would love to receive these in their basket!

8. Lil Woodzeez Owl Family - Ella received the Lil Woodzeez Treehouse for Christmas and a few other families so I know she would love the addition of the owls.

9. Princess Puzzle - We love puzzles and princesses so this one's a no brainer :)

For the boys:

1. Monkey Up DVD - I took Brayden to see this while it was in the theaters and he we loved it! Its a cheesy but super cute movie and I know he'll be happy to get it.

2. Star Wars Tumbler - My little guy loves everything Star Wars so this would be a hit.

3. New swim trunks  - Going with the swim theme, he could use some new trunks and these will look so cute on him.

4.  Super Hero towel - again, going with the swim theme. I know he'll love this new beach towel!

5. Ninja Turtle T Sprints - we saw these on tv the other day and Brayden was saying how much he would like one

6. Star Wars Figure Set - We LOVE all the figure play sets from the Disney Store and this definitely needs to be added to our collection.

7. Sunglasses - my kids can always use some new shades :)

8. Book - now that my boy is reading (yes, reading!!) I jump at the chance to get him new books. We have a lot but it's always fun to get a new one and since he loves dinosaurs, I think he'll like this one.

And of course there will be tons of candy to go along with these :)

Happy Easter Shopping!

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