Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites - Best Christmas Toys Edition

Horray for the weekend! We have a pretty chill one planned for the most part, but I do get to getaway for some adult time this weekend with my girl friends.  We're doing a cooking class in the city and I cannot wait!

Now on to the link up.  I thought I would share some big wins in the toy department from Christmas. My kids mostly don't like sitting down and playing - they would much rather chase eachother around like monkeys and fight with fake swords *sigh* However, the below are toys/activities my kids actually play with and enjoy!


Elsa's Ice Castle.  Seriously this thing gets played with  Not just by Ella (who it was given to) but by Avery and Brayden too.  Brayden likes to bring in his huge dinosaur and attack the castle, which the girls sometimes like and other times don't like.  Either way, everyone plays with this so it's a huge win in my book!


Lil Woodzeez Treehouse.  Another gift that was for Ella but the whole family plays with.  (And again, Brayden likes to bring his big dinosaur down and attack the treehouse...ahhh 5 year old boys, gotta love them!)



Hot Wheels Garage.  All the kids love this! Sometimes Ella and Brayden play upstairs with this for almost an hour (which is a reeeeeeeeeeaaally long time for them)


Bunchems. These are so fun! Brayden, Ella and I usually play with these together and it's great fine motor practice :)

Bunchems - Mega Pack



Qixels.  Brayden is really into these.  I find him sitting at the table creating stuff and I love it!


And there you have it! Remember to use Ebates when purchasing anything online to earn money back!

Happy Weekend!

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