Monday, September 14, 2015

weekend {re} cap

Happy Monday! (said no one ever, ha)

We had such a nice weekend and it even felt extra long which is always so nice!

Friday started with taking this cutie for her 3 year well visit.  She did great and looks great.  She is still a peanut though, topping the charts in the teens for weight :)

After the dr, we picked up my Mom and met my sister and nephew at a local nature center.  It was such a fun place and blows our towns nature center out of the water.  They had tons of animals to look at and since it was pretty much dead in there, we had a personal guide who took out a few for us to see.

My little girl was so into all of the animals and really had no fear (doesn't surprise me at all)

She even asked to see the snake!! 

Avery wasn't quite so sure of anything she saw and if she got too close she definitely let me know :)

Saturday morning we were all up bright and early to get to little mans soccer pictures at 8am. Following pictures he had his first game.  We were so excited to watch him!

We found out quickly our little guy does not like any side line cheering.  I would say things like "go Brayden! Good Job team red!" and he would turn around and look at me and tell me to stop it with his stink face he gets.  So I had to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the game (which was soooo hard for me, LOL)

However, half way through the game he pretty much was over it.  He was so tired and he literally just stopped playing.  He put his hands in his pocket and would just stand there as his team and the other were all going after the ball.  It was quite comical to watch and we are hoping he fully participates next week.

Saturday night we had a fire in the backyard and the kids helped get it ready

How sweet does Avery look!?


I can't believe Avery is getting big enough to play in this outdoor house.  Time sure does fly

Sunday was a pretty relaxing morning - we tried on Brayden's batman mask and cape that came over the weekend

Then it was game time!! Of course I made these cuties pose in their Bears gear and then we headed over to my in laws to watch the game.  Too bad we lost, but it's not something we aren't use to :)

Time to get our week started.  Hope everyone has a great one!

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