Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Happy 3rd birthday Ella!


My Dearest Ella,

Happy 3rd birthday to you!! 

I truly cannot get over you are 3! This past year has flown by and I know the fact we added a baby to our family only helped speed it up.  Even though I blinked and you are 3, I still remember all of your year of being 2 and have enjoyed this past year so much with you!  You have really grown this past year and you make me so proud to be your Mama!

You are a smart little cookie! You love to do puzzles, play board games, and build with blocks or magnatiles or legos. you know basic shapes and you know all of your colors. You can count to 14 and you sing the cutest ABC song I've ever heard! We are currently working on letter identification and you are doing really well! You can almost identify all of them. You play games on the Ipad that I don't even know how to play, and you play them well! You pick up on things very easily it seems. That could be a good or a bad thing - we're hoping it's mostly good :)

Your smartness doesn't end there - you are smart in many other ways too my dear. You know just how to push your brothers buttons! It's amazing to see such a small person know just how to plot and deceive. This brings on many little fights between you and your brother that I am constantly trying to stay out of.

However, even though you like to push your brothers buttons, you love him so so much. When I see you two actually getting along and playing together it melts my heart so much. I can see that although you think you're bigger than him, you do look up to him and you need him. I hope you guys can always lean on eachother throughout life.

You are such a big sister! You are so attentive to little Avery.  Anytime you hear her crying, you say "Oh no! Avery crying!" and run to her to see what's wrong. You try and calm her down by tickling her or giving her a toy to play with.  It's so sweet to see you being so compassionate to her.  I love that you have a sister and am so enjoying watching your relationship develop.

Little girl, you are funny!! It took just about 2 years for your big personality to come out.  You were so serious the first 2 years of your life, barely cracking a smile.  Now you love to play jokes and act goofy all of the time. I love watching you laugh and smile, it makes me so so happy! 

Your night time routine has changed now that you are getting bigger. You love me & Dad laying with you, usually it's me first, then Dad. When I'm in there we always do shadow puppets on your wall and then you ask me to tell you a princess story with my mouth.  Some nights you ask me to rub your back or tummy or you want me to run my fingers over them and tickle you.  Lately you've asked for your door to stay cracked open at night so we do that.

Your favorite colors are pink and purple and you want everything to be in those colors. Your favorite tv show is still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse although you will watch several shows with your brother including Paw Patrol, The 7D, Wander Over Yonder and more. You love all of the Disney Princesses and your favorites are Ariel and Repunzel.

You love water. You are quite the opposite from your brother in this department.  You don't mind when water gets on your face in the bath/pool and you really have no fear when swimming. You love to stand on the edge of Grandma & Papa's pool and jump in (with me standing there to catch you, even when you tell me you don't want me to)

You are fiercely independent always saying things like "I got this Mom!" or "I do it by myself!!" Sometimes we still have to help you because you try and do things that are well beyond your age. You definitely seem like you will be an overachiever and have a competitiveness nature.  Right now you are learning to put your clothes on by yourself and you almost have it down.

You are so little and so adorable that sometimes we don't enforce things on you as much as we should. We totally realize this and have been getting better at keeping you accountable for things so we don't end up with a total diva in 10 years.

My sweet Ella Bella, you bring so much joy to our lives! I love watching you grow and I hope you always stay your funny, sassy, but sweet self.


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