Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Goals

Ahhh September is here!  My favorite month next to December. I thought this was a good month to pick back up on my monthly goals.  Last I checked, I totally failed at Julys goals, completely skipped August and now here we are.

1.  Arrange and host a garage sale - We have so much stuff that my hubby would just love to throw out but I am going to take the time and have a garage sale this month. It really is alot of work to put together but I'm going to make it a priority. Then I'll use the $ I make to buy myself something nice :)

2. Clean out and organize upstairs hall closet. - This closet is a complete mess! Everytime I open it to get a towel or my cleaning supplies I get super annoyed. I am really going to try and completely empty it and organize it this month. Stayed tune for a horrific before picture :)

3. Stay on top of my cleaning schedule. - I usually do something every day but lately have been slacking and have been doing all of my cleaning at one time (laundry, kitchen, floors, bathrooms) I need to get back on track to doing 1 big thing each day to stay on top of things

4. Celebrate our sweet Ella turning 3 and my anniversary - My little girl is turning 3 this weekend! We are just having family come to a local amusement park but I still want my girl to feel special. I have lots of presents for her to open and need to get her something special to wear.

This month is also my wedding anniversary, 7 years! This is the year of wool/copper so I plan to incorporate those into a gift for the hubby and then of course go on a date and celebrate!

5. Decorate for Fall - I don't decorate for all the holidays, but Fall is one I definitely do! I don't do too much however. You can see our mini fall tour from last year here. I'll probably do the same thing this year because it just makes me happy :)

There we go - keeping it pretty easy this month. With school starting for my oldest, soccer practice/games, dance lessons, I hope I can find the time to keep myself accountable this month :)

Happy September everyone!!!

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