Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Friday {9.11}

Ah Friday, we meet again! 

        Who doesn't love a minion? 

Before I get to today's post I do want to take a minute to think of everyone affected by 9/11. I honestly can't believe that was 14 years ago.  #neverforget

On a much lighter note - now that my oldest is in school I so look forward to Fridays again. Having him gone all day, everyday, makes for a long week.  I am having so much fun with my girls though, so it's not all that bad.


Speaking of my girls - how freaking cute are they!? I love that they are still so little that they still allow me to smother them in kisses all day. We have been having so much fun while big brother is at school.  

These girls right here are my favorite :)


Can't talk about my girls without talking about my favorite boy!  How handsome is he standing at the bus stop?! 


I'm trying to stay on top of Halloween and get the kids' costumes done and ready - yes, I'm well aware it's still over a month away - #iliketobeprepared

Brayden wants to be Batman and instead of just buying the costume, I am going to DIY it. Why you ask? Because these are the things I love to do as a Mama.  Buying it would be cheaper and save me time, which usually I'm all for, but for some reason I love the look of a DIY costume vs store bought. You can see his ninja turtle costume from last year here

So anyway, back to the point of #3. I was super excited when I found this Batman mask and cape for next to nothing.  It has been ordered and is on its way. 

I also found these sweatpants and this sweatshirt but might try and go to Walmart or Target and find them a tad cheaper. My plan is to make his belt and add the Batman logo on his shirt.

Ella is going to be a kitty and that's going to be super easy and I'm still not sure about Miss A.  I call her a chubby bunny all of the time so maybe that, or a cupcake because she is so sweet! My plan is to do a post on all of the costumes, but we'll see if that actually happens.


After years and years of not taking care of my skin I am proud to say that's not the case anymore. Yep, I finally grew up and decided I want my face to hopefully look nice until I'm an old lady. Up until a couple of years ago I never wore sunscreen on my face, ever. I guess I have myself to blame for all the sun damage I'm seeing now.  

I've been using this tinted sunscreen for a while now and it's definitely a favorite.  It's also comes highly recommended by my dermatologist.  


If you are looking for a new game to play with your kiddos, Zingo is it! We absolutely love this game and it's definitely the big kids' favorite at the moment.  We play this almost every night, multiple times.

Right now this is a steal on Amazon, it's usually $20 everywhere.  This would be a great birthday or Christmas present too! You can find it here

That's a wrap! I hope everyone has a great weekend.  We have my little guys first soccer game tomorrow, I'm so excited to watch! Then Sunday is opening day for our Chicago Bears!!! 

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