Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!!

I'm so happy the weekend is here because that means my boy will get home from school today and have a nice 3 days off. This week has been so different with him not being home all day and I miss him! I am still adjusting as you can see :) I know he is ready for the weekend too, everyday he comes home and tells me how tired he is. #thestruggleisreal

Moving on to the link up :)

{ONE} - Our new favorite brushes

I ordered this wet brush combo for myself and the kids and you guys, it's a total game changer! My hair has always been super knotty after getting out of the shower and I usually lose about half of it when combing or brushing it. I knew I needed a new brush/comb stat. While on vacation earlier this month, I used my SIL's wet brush and fell in love. It is awesome! I brush my hair in seconds and barely feel any knots! It's so nice to use on the kids hair too, no more tears! Seriously, go buy the wet brush  now and thank me later :)  They also have just the individual brush if you're not needing the combo. 

The Wet Brush Standard & Squirt Combo (Pink)

{TWO} - My new Kate Spade Planner

I got my new planner this week and I'm in love!! Definitely my new favorite item. My only wish is that the pages were a little thicker. I heard they were in the 2015 version so I'm not sure why they cheapened them for 2016. Hopefully next year they bring back the thicker pages. 

{THREE} - My little girl is turning 3!

How did my baby girl grow so darn fast?! She is turning 3 on Saturday! 3! I still can't believe it. She has grown so much this past year and I know she is still a toddler but gosh some days I look at her and see a little girl whose ready to go conquer the world.  

We are celebrating her birthday by going to Pirates Cove, a little local kids amusement park, then heading to our towns Labor Day fest afterward with some family.  I can't wait to celebrate her!

{FOUR} - Favorite Saying of the Week

I saw this on Pinterest and I absolutely believe it! 

"The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home.": "The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home."

{FIVE} - Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we are not only celebrating my girls birthday, but it's also Labor Day weekend which means it's our towns yearly fest. We always go with the kids 2 days and they have a blast. I always go to the craft fair, usually with my Mom and then we always attend the parade on Monday. I'm looking forward to it all!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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