Monday, September 21, 2015

Life Lately

It's finally here! Fall! Now I am so ready for all the things that come with that little 4 letter word.

But now let's look at what we've been up to :)

The littles at the park while big brother is at school.  Ella is such a good big sister, always making sure Avery is happy at the park.

Oh my world! My sweet Ella started dance class last week and I about died with her in her leotard/skirt/tights/ballet slippers.  I know I'm biased, but she is the cutest tiny dancer I've ever seen!

Avery loves to put the stethoscope around her neck and crawl or cruise around, she's a funny one

Saturday was our 7th wedding anniversary! (Happy Anniversary Babe!!) The hubs surprised me with a date night to Medieval Times - I've always wanted to go and he remembered me saying that (like forever ago) so that's where we celebrated.  It is a huge to do this Medieval Times! We had an announcement for our anniversary, ate dinner while watching a tournament, had cake since we were there celebrating something and afterwards were knighted by the king.  Yes, I'm aware that mostly children were being knighted but that wasn't about to stop us! I love that my hubs will do things like this with me :)

This weekend I also had my garage sale, which was one of my September goals. It was a lot of work but I'm happy I did it. We got rid of soooooo much stuff and earned some money while doing it.

Avery loved helping - I just wish she would have stayed still in that box :)

Yesterday I also started a new project....more details to come soon (hopefully!)

We took the kids to the park before dinner then it was home to eat and relax

After dinner I took a shower and came down in my pj's (what else would you put on at 6pm!?) I asked the hubs if it was too early for fair isle but I was meaning it in the sense of the time of the year that it is, and his reply was yes, it's too early, it's still light outside, LOL

That's our life lately! I'm looking forward to a good week filled with lots of fun stuff :)

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