Monday, June 24, 2013

What I Live For

It's Monday which means I'm linking up again over at From Mrs to Mama for her 52-weeks of blogging with purpose.  This week is 10 things I live for.... this was such a fun post to write and totally could have written more but managed to wrap it up in 10:

  1. My Kids – These 2 little people have made my life worth living and have shown me the true meaning of happiness.  I could not and would not to imagine my life without them.

  1. My Husband – This man is my best friend, someone I can tell anything to and vice versa.  I am so lucky to have found someone who can put up with me J But honestly, I am so happy to be creating a life with him, I wouldn’t trade him for anyone…except maybe

  1. My family – This is both mine and my husbands.  We both have such great families and we love to spend time with them.

  1. Waking up early on the weekends and having “me” time – I am always the first one up in our house and I love it that way.  During the week this time is usually spent working out and then it’s time to get ready and go to work.  I don’t workout on the weekends so this time is spent usually going to get my DD coffee first thing then back home to browse the www or catch up on a show.

  1. Friends – I can’t live without the friendships I have, although they are very few, I am still grateful for them and am so happy I have them to talk to about everything and anything.  

  1. Coffee – My best friend.  I have always drunk coffee but since having kids it has become a regular every day occurrence.  I don’t drink more than 1-2 cups but I definitely need it to function.  If I could have DD coffee everyday, I would be one happy Mama.

  1. Summertime – I love nice weather just as much as I love the snow.  I love when it stays light out longer and we have more time to play when I get home from work.  We spend hours outside when it’s nice out and I love it.  My kids are getting fresh air and Brayden is getting plenty of exercise.  

  1. Fall – I love everything about Fall.  The leaves changing and the weather becoming a little cooler to wear boots and sweaters.  I love going to the pumpkin patch with the kiddos (and hubs) and drinking warm cider, buying fudge and watching Brayden frolic around all of the pumpkins. We love spending time together carving and painting our pumpkins and then of course dressing up for Halloween.  I use to care less about Halloween but now I am so that cheesy Mom who gets super excited to dress her kid up in whatever she chooses.

  1. Christmas – I love everything that comes with Christmastime.  Snow, sledding, making hot coco, decorating the house and the tree, buying and giving presents, making cookies, the list goes on. Since having kids all of these things have become even better.  My heart melts thinking about all of the memories we make around this time of year.

  1. Pictures – I could not live without pictures.  I love taking pictures of our kids and capturing the memories that I know I will someday forget.  I am so happy that I am pretty good about staying on top of making photo books because I know when the hubs and I are older, we are going to be so happy we can look back through them and see how our family grew.  I love scrapbooking as well and without pictures that wouldn’t be possible.

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