Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ella Grace - 9 Months!

My baby girl, you are now 9 months old! You are so tiny that is hard for me to believe it!  We are just having the best time with you and I love watching you grow every day.

Let’s see what you've been up to since your 6 month post :)

You have started rolling over a couple months ago.  You are very content on your back or your tummy so you don’t do much rolling, but none the less, you have accomplished this!

You are SITTING UP! This is huge for you.  I always knew you would be happier once you could do this, and I was right.  You love to sit up and play with your toys. It’s amazing watching you do this, makes me one proud Mama!  You can also now sit and watch your brother play and I can tell you cannot wait until you can join what he is doing. 

You still love bath time and now I love it even more that you are now sitting up, this helps makes our lives a tad easier 

Your tongue is still out all.the.time.  It's quite hilarious, it's like your tounge is 3 x's too big for your tiny mouth so it's always hanging out. It has been like this since you were a couple months old. You have now started moving it around in crazy motions too - just so funny.

You don't take a paci (you never really did) but since about 5 months, when we moved you to your room, we found that you really enjoyed holding one.  So now every night and nap we make sure to hand you a paci and you are good to go.  Very random but we are just happy it makes you happy!

You have been eating baby food now for about 3 months.  Mama makes all of your food and so far you have really loved everything with the exception of blueberries.  You eat a wide variety of foods…carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, broccoli, apples, mangos, pears, and bananas.  You don’t mind at all when we mix some together.  The dr said we can start incorporating meat with the baby food, I will attempt to make some recipes for you but I will buy some baby food for this stage just in case.  Your brother never seemed to like when I made the homemade meat and always seemed to have a hard time eating it. 

You are still on the hypoallergenic formula Nutramagin.  We cannot wait for you to be off of this :)  You feed yourself all of your bottles which is a nice break for Mommy and Daddy but at the same time makes me a little sad because you’re growing up…fast.  The dr also said to try giving you some yogurt to see your reaction to dairy.  I’m hoping you will tolerate it!

You idolize your brother – he is the one person who can make you happy when no one else can.  I pray you two have a great relationship forever.  Brayden is also now starting to interact with you more as well, I can tell he looks out for you in little ways. 

Here are your 9 month stats:

Head: 43cm
Weight: 14lbs 12oz
Height: 27in

You continue to amaze us Little Miss and I thank God everyday that you came into our lives.  Mama loves you so much!

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